Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair — Pipe, Fittings & Rehabilitation

These pipe, fittings and rehabilitation products can be essential components to help plumbing contractors fix residential and commercial systems.
Focus: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair — Pipe, Fittings & Rehabilitation
The Poly-Flo co-extruded double-containment piping system from Asahi/America.

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Asahi/America Poly-Flo

The Poly-Flo co-extruded double-containment piping system from Asahi/America is available in black PE and euro grey PP-R. It is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. The system includes full pressure, drainage and machined fittings. This SDR-designed system is available in 1- by 1 1/2-inch, 2- by 3-inch and 4- by 6-inch sizes, and operates up to 150 psi at 68 degrees F. Black PE is suited for outside, above-ground applications because of its UV resistance, and it performs well in underground installations because of its resistance to crack propagation. Euro grey PP-R is ideal for applications running at higher temperatures due to its high pressure rating. The system is available with manual and low-point leak detection sensors. 800/343-3618;

Underground Solutions

Fusible PVC pipe from Underground Solutions produces a fused monolithic, fully restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system ideal for trenchless (horizontal directional drilling, pipe bursting and sliplining) or conventional open-cut installations. It is available in 4- to 36-inch diameters. The combination of standard fittings and lower weight with higher flow for a given pressure class ensures greater economy to most pipeline projects. 858/679-9551;


Spears Mfg. Co. GripLoc

GripLoc repair couplings and caps from Spears Mfg. Co. help technicians quickly repair, cap off or connect pipes without bending or using any cements. The telescoping or fixed coupling/cap designs work on PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, polyethylene and metal pipe. To install, cut out the leak section, clean and deburr pipe ends, and push on the GripLoc end connection to pipe stop. For telescoping repair couplings, extend the shaft to bridge the gap and push on opposite pipe end to stop. For a fixed coupling, push on the opposite pipe end to stop. They are engineered for use on IPS plastic or smooth metal and for CTS plastic or copper pipe. It provides a permanent in-line repair that is corrosion proof, lead-free and NSF certified for potable water use. 818/364-1611;


Duke’s Root Control Razorooter II

Razorooter II root-control herbicide from Duke’s Root Control contains the active ingredient diquat dibromide, and is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for controlling nuisance tree roots in sanitary collections systems. Crews insert a hose from manhole to manhole, preparing to fill the affected sewer pipe with foam. Once released, the foam compresses against pipe surfaces, penetrating cracks, joints and connecting sewers. Roots are killed on contact, decay naturally and slough away. Applications prevent root-related stoppages for two to three years. 800/447-6687;

Guardair Allpax Gasket Cutter

Allpax Gasket Cutter extension-style kits from Guardair Corporation can be used to repair various piping systems, including steam, water and air lines, and hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves and pneumatic components. The kits are designed to meet varied needs with heavy, medium, light duty and compact options. The heavy-duty kit has a premium brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimize gasket material buckling and ensure precision cuts. The ergonomic design offers a secure, comfortable grip while the easy-to-read, engraved precision scale ensures accuracy. The sliding, knurled nut adjusts cutting radius while the chrome-plated steel extension bars provide for cuts up to 61 inches in diameter. Hex screws hold the cutting blade for cuts up to 3/4 inch in depth. The 18- by 18-inch cutting board has a plastic nonslip, textured surface that reduces blade friction, minimizes breakage and self-heals after each use. 800/482-7324;

Kenco Pipe Lift

The Pipe Lift from Kenco helps move RCP, ductile iron, PVC or steel pipe. It will grab and release pipe from inside the cab. No additional hydraulics are required, as the unit hooks up with a lifting strap and shackle to grip a wide range of pipe sizes. Centering the lifter on the pipe is not necessary, and its narrow profile makes removal from tight trenches easy. The machine operator simply sets the lifter down onto the pipe, which causes it to grip onto the pipe, and not release until it has been set down firmly into position. Sizes are available to accommodate all types of pipe from 4 inches to 10 feet. Standard models range from 1,500- to 8,500-pound capacities, with larger custom sizes available. 800/653-6069;

Picote Solutions Miller

The Miller drain cleaning system from Picote Solutions can clean cast iron drains and sewers 1 1/4 to 10 inches in diameter. Three different sizes of cleaner are available, and when used with Circular Cyclone for fragile pipe or original stainless steel grinding chains, allows fast and efficient cleaning of soft blockages, scale and calcium buildup, tree roots, concrete, lead and failed gaskets and imperfections in pipe. 219/440-1404;


Pow-r Mole Sales Model P1-6RT

The P1-6RT Mechanical Rod Turner from Pow-r Mole Sales integrates with the PD-6 Thrust Boring Machine and P1 Pusher Box to help install sewer pipes on grade and more accurately steer the bore to the target. It eliminates the need for pipe wrenches to turn the rods, making steering safer and more productive. It creates 4,500 ft-lbs of torque, allowing the operator to steer the boring machine up to 200 feet. Quick disconnect hoses allow for fast and easy removal of the unit. 800/344-6653;


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