See What’s Inside a SharkBite EvoPEX Fitting

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See What’s Inside a SharkBite EvoPEX Fitting

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Rough-in installation of a potable water plumbing system is no small task. When you’re going all the way from meter to fixture, pros need something that’s less prone to installation errors and won’t take too long to install.

SharkBite EvoPEX fittings check all these boxes and more thanks to their unique design. Here's what makes EvoPEX different from other plumbing fittings and methods, and what goes into making them the most reliable tool for the job.

SharkBite brass push vs. EvoPEX

EvoPEX fittings are different from our crowd-favorite brass push fittings. Those are perfect for tackling service and repair jobs more quickly. They’re compatible with a range of pipe types and can be disconnected if needed.

EvoPEX is a PEX-only plumbing system designed for residential and commercial new construction. Installers can plumb an entire potable water system from meter to fixture without the need for special tools or tedious techniques. And while these fittings can be rotated after connected, they can’t be disconnected.

Both brass push and EvoPEX fittings share the same standards of durability and are both approved for use in underground burial and nonpotable water applications like radiant heating. They’re also proudly manufactured domestically in SharkBite's Cullman, Alabama, facility.

EvoPEX vs. traditional plumbing systems

During a labor shortage like the one the plumbing industry is facing today, time-consuming installation methods can slow you down and cost you money. Rush those methods and you risk installation errors, which can make a huge dent in your reputation.

The EvoPEX fitting design gives you peace of mind with a visible green indicator that signals a secure connection. It’s made using superior materials and a high-quality manufacturing process, and its push-to-connect technology cuts down on installation times. The system also has a minimal learning curve, so new hires can get to work right away.

Take a look at how EvoPEX compares to other plumbing methods, such as crimp and expansion.

Components of a SharkBite EvoPEX fitting

So what exactly makes an EvoPEX fitting so special? Every part works together to create a system that optimizes install times and improves productivity while minimizing the risk of leaks from installation errors.

Body – The EvoPEX body design isn't just for looks. It’s made with Acudel modified PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), which ensures the fitting is tough, chemical resistant and has superior anti-decay and dimensional stability.

O-ring – The EvoPEX O-ring seals on the inside of the pipe for a water-tight connection. It’s made from EPDM, which provides resistance to extreme heat, ozone, UV, alkali and mild acidic and oxygenated solvents. It also gives fittings high resistance to chloramine at high temperatures.

Grab ring – The grab ring puts the bite in SharkBite. Its teeth clamp onto the pipe exterior, supporting a strong, stable connection. It’s made with stainless steel 316 for the highest corrosion resistance and strength.

Indicator ring – This is what makes the EvoPEX system stand out. When you reach the proper insertion depth, this green ring appears to provide visual assurance of a proper connection. That way, even new plumbers can be confident that their installation is secure.

Spacer – This part not only helps guide the pipe into the fitting. It’s made from a strong polymer with dimensional stability and chemical resistance for additional support.

Collet – Made with 20% glass fiber-reinforced Grilamid, the collet provides high-impact strength, chemical resistance and high dimensional stability.

Collet retainer – Like the internal parts of EvoPEX fittings, the retainer is made from a corrosion resistant material, stainless steel 304, and holds the collet together on the body for a professional appearance.

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