Technology Can Be Scary, but Why Run From It?

Time to put away the fears and pick up that smartphone and other smart tools to provide even more options for your customers

We’ve all seen the Terminator movie series and know the story: Machines take over the world, all is doomed and only John Connor can save the human race. Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone.

The Terminator movies do a nice job of telling us that we should be scared of technology and are moving too fast in developing it. Should we be that scared, though? I don’t believe so.

Tools, software and smart devices are only going to help advance this industry in the coming years. Let’s look at some of the advancements in the plumbing world already:

No more soldering — There are tools available that allow you to crimp and snap together pipes instead of soldering. This can save a lot of time on job sites and allows your crews to be more productive.

Navigation and organization — Software is available to more easily get your technicians to their jobs, handle payments and monitor inventory. This can help your company save money in the long run.

Home automation — Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days, and now plumbing equipment (like water heaters, fixtures and more) are coming to your home that pair with these phones.


Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, featured in this issue, is a plumbing company that isn’t afraid to meet technology head-on. Owner Paul Nebrasky believes it’s just the start of smart technology in the plumbing industry and more will be coming as the millennial and younger generations continue to get older and buy houses of their own.

Nebrasky has started to grow his niche to include installation and programming of this smart technology in the plumbing world. While much of it is still new, he’s already seeing several homeowners move toward automation.

Nebrasky has even outfitted his own home with some smart technology, including leak-sensing tools that learn his home’s water usage and alert him via smartphone app if there appears to be more-than-usual usage.

While he admits that there is still a long way to go with some of the technology, he doesn’t want to be left behind in what customers are starting to ask for.


Take a look through this issue and you’ll see other examples of where technology is getting smarter: from our On the Road feature on line-tracing technology that keeps contractors homed in on the correct pipe, avoiding costly leak-location digging, to different tools that will help you keep track of your inventory — and even order for you if you are running low.

Customers want this new technology as they get more tech savvy, and you shouldn’t be afraid to move with them in this direction.

Start researching home automation technology, and maybe even follow Nebrasky’s method of installing it in your own home to learn it. The faster you do, the faster you’ll become the professional at it instead of your competitor.


Are you already installing smart technology in homes? If you aren’t busy running away from Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator, take some time and email me at or call me at 715-350-8436 and let me know what type of smart tools you are using.

Enjoy this issue!


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