Getting the Most Out of Field Management Software

If you’ve yet to fully explore the many ways software can enhance your business operations, here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits

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Using field management services software can not only increase revenue, it can also help your company’s technicians improve their performance. Let’s break it down:

1. Increased sales. Home service companies need a laser focus on increasing sales and productivity. The best management applications are structured to follow best practices that increase conversion rates and ticket averages.

If option templates are integrated natively into the applications, it becomes easier for techs to present “good, better and best” options so the customer has a range of choices at varying prices.

Financing solutions included in an app can increase the likelihood of sales and increase the average ticket value. Customers often take time to mull over solutions and costs, especially for big-ticket items. Follow-up options and reminder features allow for unsold estimates to be revisited in a timely manner, and your technician is alerted when customers view proposals online.

2. Improved customer service.
Your company needs to offer a stellar customer-service experience to compete in today’s business climate. Customers expect an on-demand and seamless experience similar to Amazon or Uber. Management software allows for contractors to provide a superior customer experience with online booking, text messaging, technician tracking, online purchasing, and mobile payments.

3. Increased efficiencies. Running a home service business can be a labor-intensive proposition. There’s inventory to track and order and payroll to calculate and meet. There are metrics to meet and key performance indicators to calculate. Management software can make those back-office functions more efficient through automation.

It’s easy to articulate the advantages of home service management software at the company level. How can the applications increase technician performance? They are, after all, the face of your company. Here are three ways:

1. Know your customer. Management software with robust customer relationship management capabilities allows technicians to fully understand the customer and the job before walking into the home. They can listen to the call recording, review prior service history, know the age and replacement needs of installed equipment, access warranty information, or reference previous recommendations and estimates — all allowing them to provide as personalized a customer experience as possible.

2. Build trust and increase conversions. Mobile apps allow techs to present compelling proposals and financing options. After technicians inspect a house and catalog and collect images of issues, they can more effectively present options for new products or systems. This means they are not just presenting a handwritten invoice — they are presenting a compelling proposal with marketing collateral and inspection findings, making it more likely that the customer will buy. They are also able to make the proposal affordable by presenting different payment scenarios. If the sale does not close, they can follow up with customers via automated reminders and offer online purchasing options.

3. Training. A technician needs to be acquainted with the features and benefits of the product they are describing or recommending. The information can be embedded in an app, allowing a homeowner to view video or marketing materials on a tablet right on site. For example, if a tech doesn’t know all the features of a particular tankless water heater, the equipment’s warranty, product information and photos are all available in the app. Your techs can share the information on the spot with the customer.

They can also show the customer a map that displays customers within a certain radius who bought similar systems. This is known as “social proof.” Home service software can also serve as a training portal for technicians. If a sales manager determines a technician is underperforming in certain areas, specific training videos or PDFs can be pushed every time a tech logs on. Some apps come preloaded with hundreds of training videos produced by home service associations and coaches.

Modern customer service is all about context and prior knowledge. A quality home-service application can do more than increase sales and improve the competency of your technicians. It can build trust and credibility, and that can build on itself.

About the Author

Harpreet Ahluwalia is vice president of product at ServiceTitan, a Los Angeles-based home-service field management software company. He can be reached at, or visit for more information. 


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