5 Benefits of Centralized Fleet Management Software

5 Benefits of Centralized Fleet Management Software

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Managing a fleet of trucks and staying on top of maintenance, scheduling, personnel and billing can be stressful. That’s why implementing a fleet management software solution can be a good idea for larger plumbing companies looking to improve operations, grow profit margins and increase efficiency.

Here are the five main benefits of investing in a desktop and mobile fleet management solution:

1. Simplify scheduling

The dispatch department can be one of the most stressful and complicated areas of your company. It is the nerve center of operations and a place where costly mistakes can happen. A centralized fleet management system provides greater visibility of scheduled jobs, as well as unit and staff availability. Additionally, centralizing scheduling allows job details to be viewed by staff from anywhere in real time. Last-minute changes are transparent, emergency jobs are easier to fulfill, and your dispatch department can move from stressful to more efficient.

2. Accelerate your payment cycle

Cash flow is crucial to any company, yet these processes often get bogged down in endless piles of paperwork. Keep vital clerical processes like accounts payable, receivables and payroll running smoothly.

Fleet management software makes it possible for information to be entered into a system only once. A quote can be converted to a job and then an invoice electronically, with minimal additional data entry. Staff at the office receive data in real time so they can quickly process invoices without delay.   

3. Mobilize your workforce while reducing risk

Communicating with staff efficiently can be difficult considering all the moving parts of a fleet. A mobile fleet management app can improve the way everyone in your company interacts. Drivers in the field can receive job tickets through a management app on their tablets. An app allows field personnel to fill out safety checklists and easily capture service contract signatures digitally before work begins. These functions promote safety and accountability during the workday, but also serve as a digital trail to reduce risk.

4. Improve customer satisfaction

Happy customers are critical to the success of any business, and a centralized system gives you a full view of every aspect of your business 24/7 by easily tracking your fleet resources throughout the day. Management tools can help you adjust to customer changes, invoice quickly and provide reliable service.

5. Isolate job profitability

For a variety of reasons, not all jobs are profitable. Fleet management software provides crucial information about individual jobs, revenue by customer, equipment utilization, as well as maintenance and labor costs. All these factors impact profitability on a job, unit and fleet level. This information is vital to future decisions and a sustainable business model in an environment of increasing competition and thinner margins.

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Matt Reinhart is a marketing specialist for Fleet Cost & Care.


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