Keeping Tech Updated Should Be a Key Maintenance Task

When it comes to software and tools you and your company use, it’s important to keep it all updated to ensure productive work.

Knowing and using technology is a must in the plumbing industry, especially in the 21st century with smartphones, tablets, GPS devices and many other items now being a necessity.

If you’ve ever broken a phone and had to go a few days without it, you know how important those devices are to you. Technology isn’t the only necessity. Software you use on that tech is just as important.

The GPS on your plumbing service vehicles won’t be any good if you don’t update it often to give you the newest detours so your crews can find their way to a customer’s home on a street that is closed. The tablets won’t be of any use to process payments if the software isn’t kept updated.

It’s a pain, but you need to make updating of software and technology just as important as completing maintenance on your service vans and trucks.


Every piece of software at some point in its lifetime will need an update. Whether you are using a scheduling tool, a billing tool or maintenance record-keeping tool, you want to make sure you have the latest software for that tool or app you are running.

For the most part, it isn’t too difficult. Most software and technology out there will alert you if there is an update, whether it be a notification on your phone that it needs to be updated or an email from the software company. As long as you sign up for updates from those software tools you have, you should get an alert.

If you don’t get updates, it would be wise every quarter to check for an update. Make it a routine: If a service vehicle goes in for an oil change, do software checks at the same time. Tie it to something that you do on a regular basis and that will help you or your team remember.


It never hurts to explore what is on the “market” when it comes to software that could benefit your company. You could find scheduling software you like better or a different billing program that fits your company better.

The same goes for the technology you have. Every few years when my phone is due for an upgrade, I take a look at all the different options out there for smartphones to decide which one would help me the most both with my work life and my home life (to keep track of kids’ after-school schedules).

If you aren’t doing that scouting for new tools and software every few years, you could be missing out on something that could really give a boost to your company when it comes to profitability, safety or general happiness with the crew.


Are there software tools that you use on a daily basis that you would be lost without if it failed to work someday? What would those be? Let me know by emailing me at or calling 715-350-8436.

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