Plumber Product News: October 2019

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: October 2019

MyTana Mfg.’s new LD40 leak detector uses a uni-directional sensor to filter out environmental noise, making it easier to detect hissing, trickling or seeping noises from leaking pipelines.

MyTana LD40 auditory pipeline leak detector
MyTana Mfg.’s new LD40 leak detector uses a uni-directional sensor to filter out environmental noise, making it easier to detect hissing, trickling or seeping noises from leaking pipelines. Four interchangeable sensor tips simplify detecting for different surface textures including through carpet. The digital display features an instantaneous, easy-to-understand visual response meter, to listen and watch for leaks. 800-328-8170; 

General Pipe Cleaners stainless steel braid hose
The new high-performance stainless steel braid jet hose from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring enhances the performance and cleaning power of the portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet and JM-1450 water jet drain cleaners. The durable stainless steel braid makes it easier to slide the jet hose down 1 1/2- to 3-inch drainlines and more easily navigate tight bends. The 3/16-inch Teflon core reduces flow resistance and improves small line cleaning power. It is available in 30-, 50-, and 75-foot lengths. 800-245-6200;

RIDGID CS6x Versa digital reporting monitor
The RIDGID CS6x Versa digital reporting monitor features a unique pivoting frame for high and low monitoring positions to allow flexible placement and optimal viewing. A 5.7-inch daylight viewable screen provides a crisp, clear in-pipe image, while the water-resistant keypad gives direct control of camera and monitor functions. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow for remote viewing and recording of inspections on an iOS or Android phone or tablet using the free HQx Live companion app. Inspections can be shared immediately or, if needed, footage can be saved to a USB drive for future review. 800-769-7743;

Insight Vision Cameras IV2 inspection camera system
The IV2 inspection camera system from Insight Vision Cameras has a 10.1-inch tablet screen that is daylight-readable and lighter to use. Powering the unit can be done with either AC, DC or a Milwaukee Tool M18 battery. The system performs on-demand recording and snapshots and has an on-screen distance counter. It has a self-leveling color camera head with modular design and an always-on built-in 512 Hz sonde. The tablet rotates to any angle and offers one-touch recording to USB. 800-488-8177;

DeWALT FLEXVOLT cordless pipe threader
The FLEXVOLT cordless pipe threader from DeWALT has a high-performance brushless motor that delivers long runtime in demanding applications without the hassle of power cords. It threads up to 2-inch black iron pipe, rigid conduit, and more. At 9.4 inches high, 26.38 inches long and 19.98 pounds, it accepts a pipe capacity of 1/2 to 2 inches. It has a right-handed thread direction and its die and die head materials are made of high-speed steel and cast iron respectively. The pipe threader is also compatible with RIDGID 12R style die heads. It is equipped with the DeWALT E-Clutch system that senses the motion of the tool and shuts the tool down if necessary. 800-433-9258;

Custom Auger Systems horizontal boring kit
The handheld horizontal boring kit from Custom Auger Systems combines horizontal auger boring with the power of heavy-duty electric drills to bore distances of 5 to 30 feet or more underground. It’s designed in sections so it can be used in tight spaces. An insulating drill chuck adapter helps protect the user from electric shock. The kit can be used for installation of PVC pipe under existing foundations or driveways, running gutter systems or irrigation lines under sidewalks, or shooting pipe under landscaping or other permanent installations. It requires only one person for operation and is less damaging to the landscaping than sawing and trenching. 865-585-7861;

Bradley WashBar with undermount basins
Bradley Corp.’s WashBar with undermount basins pair Bradley’s original clean-rinse-dry technology with a selection of cast-formed undermount basins made of either Evero natural quartz or Terreon solid surface. These durable basin materials allow for creation of customized restroom decks in varying lengths, L-shapes, cut outs or even different countertop materials. An alternative for applications featuring a complex or restrictive restroom deck design, this flexible fixture makes most designs possible. 800-272-3539;

Brasscraft PEX water stops
Brasscraft PEX water stops from the G2 Series are available for crimp barb, cold expansion and push connect installations. The stops are a machined one-piece body for durability and long-lasting performance. Positive quarter-turn one-piece shut-off mechanism provides smooth on-off operation without freeze-ups and the push-connect stops are installation ready. Available in a wide variety of configurations for faucet, toilet and icemaker installations, all stops are 100% leak tested and designed. 877-272-7755;

Weil-McLain SVF large commercial boilers
Weil-McLain added four larger sizes to its energy-efficient Stainless Vertical Firetube boiler portfolio to accommodate large commercial applications. The SVF boiler line now includes Btu sizes of 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 mBh that join the existing 750, 1,000 and 1,100 Btu configurations. The 1,500 to 3,000 mBh SVF line features thermal efficiency up to 96.8%, ease of installation and maintenance, and the user-friendly Unity control system. Time-saving installation features include an integrated shipping ramp, heavy-duty roller casters for improved maneuverability in confined spaces, industrial-grade leveling legs mitigating the need for a concrete pad, integrated burner in cover plate for minimized 18-inch overhead space requirement, adjustable control panel height adjustment, and the advanced Unity control set-up wizard. 855-248-1777;

American Standard Greenbrook high-efficiency urinal
Streamlined for a clean, modern look with an inverted back wall, American Standard’s Greenbrook high-efficiency urinal is the latest addition to the one-pint flush urinal collection. With an inverted back wall that provides superior splash protection, the vitreous china wall-mounted urinal features optimized surface contours and a water flushing spreader to ensure a thorough rinse. The urinal’s smooth EverClean surface contains antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The double-coat glaze also helps with maintenance, continuously repelling dirt and grime. 800-442-1902; 

LeakSmart (Waxman Products) integrates with Control4
LeakSmart (Waxman Products) added updates to its native integrations with Control4 Smart Home systems to create a fully integrated leak detection and protection solution for home, multifamily, hospitality and commercial applications. Native integration with Control4 includes LeakSmart’s Cut-In and Snap Valves as well as LeakSmart’s reusable water sensors that are placed throughout the home to detect leaks. With Smart Home OS 3, homeowners can add favorite LeakSmart devices for a quick, at-a-glance status providing peace of mind that no unusual moisture levels have been detected. 855-532-5457;

RectorSeal Plumber’s Mate utility pads
Plumber’s Mate ultra-absorbent utility pads from RectorSeal are designed for plumbers and HVAC hydronic technicians to protect property from damaging water drips, spills and accidents during installation and repairs. Every Plumber’s Mate package includes six absorbent pads that each unfold to 24 by 24 inches. Each pad is constructed of three pieces: a dry touch top layer; a dynamic liquid containment layer that uses SuperCore technology to hold up to one quart of water; and a leak and waterproof protective plastic layer back sheet that prevents moisture contact with floors and molding. 800-231-3345;

A. O. Smith Water Heaters ProLine electric tankless series
The ProLine electric tankless series from A. O. Smith Water Heaters is designed for commercial, residential and point-of-use applications. The water heater is available in three sizes, with 45 different models ranging from 2.4 to 32 kW and UEF up to 0.93. The units are available in a variety of voltage options: 120, 208, 240 and 277 volt. All models have true dry fire protection, where the element will only turn on when the chamber is full of water. All models also have scale reduction technology. This feature reduces scale formation on the elements and on the chamber walls, which reduces failures and service requirements. 800-527-1953;


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