Creative Ways to Tie Together Print and Social Media Advertising

Finding a way to merge your different advertising methods can bring additional customers and recognition to your plumbing company.

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I checked my mail today and there was something in there that made me laugh a little. It was something I wasn’t expected because usually when they come, they end up in recycling right away.

Can anyone guess what it was? No, not political advertisements. It was a phone book. Yes, a phone book. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one and they’ve changed a bit from when I was a kid (30-some years ago).

Back then the phone books were mainly white pages with individual names and then a small portion of yellow pages in the back. As you know, those yellow pages were business phone numbers and advertisements. Today the phone book is primarily all yellow pages and only a small amount in the front being white pages — and even those white pages are mostly business names now.

The phone book got me thinking about advertising. How do you target your customer base, or potential customer base? What are the different ways you advertise? I would bet that a majority of you have answered with “social media.”

Paging through the yellow pages of the phone book, I can tell you many in my area in northern Wisconsin are still advertising that route. There are 5 1/2 pages of plumbing advertisements and phone numbers in the yellow pages.


You shouldn’t count out advertising in places like phone books or even newspapers. There are still people who still like opening newspapers or keeping a phone book on hand to look up information.

If you do advertise in those medias, add something to those ads to draw people in — perhaps a coupon for a free pipe inspection or $10 off a service charge. Get something in there that those potential customers will notice to give them a reason to call you.

Think of it like social media on paper. When you post on your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or whatever other social media, you want it attention grabbing to get views, right? Do the same with your in-print advertising. Make it big, make it flashy to get noticed. If you don’t, you’re just throwing away your money.


Here is a crazy idea, tie in the ways you advertise. Make on post on your Facebook page about a special coupon in the local phone book or in that week’s newspaper and tell customers to clip it out and use it.

You can even make it a contest. If they find your ad in the newspaper or phone book and take a photo and share it on their media with your company tagged, you will give them another $10 off, or something like that. Not only does it help them by getting more off of their service cost, but each time someone does that, it gets shared with their friends.

I would always find a way to tie in all of your advertising from social media to print to radio and TV. There are ways to do this; you just have to be creative.


Yes, so many of you pride your company on thriving by word of mouth, but it can’t go on like that forever. Eventually you will have to put something into advertising if you want your plumbing company to continue  growing.

Why not dip your toes in the advertising pond now and see what it does for your company? You might be surprised.

For those of you that are advertising in more ways than just social media, let me know what you do and how it’s working for your company. I can be reached at or you can call me at 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue! 


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