Saving water and money with the AquaMotion Aqua-Flash

Saving water and money with the AquaMotion Aqua-Flash

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With the growing need to conserve water, more plumbers are finding ways to help customers from running water needlessly. That’s where the Aqua-Flash instant hot-water recirculation system from AquaMotion comes into play.

“It’s a system for instant hot water for tank or tankless systems,” says Michael Ferruccio, director of  operations.

The unit allows the homeowner to instantly have hot water when turning on a faucet, without having to run the water until it is warm. The Aqua-Flash system can save up to 12,00-15,000 gallons of water per year for the average family 4-5 people. It saves on utility and sewage bills and helps reduce the water shortage.

Plumbers install the pump with a timer on top of the water heater on the 3/4-inch hot outlet. The timer on the pump has three settings (on, off, and on timer) and can be set with 15-minute increment tabs. The Flash valve installs under the farthest fixture away from the water heater. The valve is an all-metal design using lead-free bronze and stainless steel. It installs with a compression fitting onto the angled hot shut-off valve. A braided hose connects to a tee installed onto the cold-water angled shut-off valve. This model is the AMH1K-3UV. The valve installation can be done in 10 minutes with only a wrench and without cutting pipe.

“When the timer calls for activation, the Aqua-Flash bypasses cooled water through the tee into the cold return line back to the heater without wasting water,” Ferruccio says. “It is maintaining a constant 90 degrees F at every fixture in the home.”

Homeowners can set the pump to operate only when they are home and when they want hot water.

This Aqua-Flash can also be used with tankless heaters. The valve installs under the sink as with tank systems. On tankless units, the pump installs below the tankless fixture in the hot line. A 3/8-inch bypass connection in the pump housing is provided to connect to the cold-line tee to keep the tankless in a ready state to fire when temperature settings are met. This model is the AMH1K-6UVZT1. 401-785-3000;


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