Hydronic Heating Systems, HVAC

Hydronic Heating Systems, HVAC

Multiboiler system revitalizes nonprofit facility

Control systems lead to big savings for apartment complexes

Problem: Southern California Gas recognized that multifamily apartments that have central boiler/water heater systems that operate with a 24/7 recirculation pump to distribute hot water to the tenants causes pipe erosion, shortens boiler/water heater life, shorten pump life and loses a great deal of energy. They estimated there were over 300,000 apartments that have central boiler systems with 24/7 pumps.  

Solution: The company has created a total rebate program for these buildings called ODE, or On-Demand Efficiency, in order to solve the problem. There have been demand circulation pump controls added on thousands of multifamily apartments in Southern California through the ODE rebate program. The controls help save 10 to 30 percent on natural gas used for water heating, reduce electricity use recirculation of pump by 75 percent, improve with a reduction on energy usage and pipe/equipment wear. Demand Circ Controls from ACT Inc. / D’MAND Kontrols Systems were installed on these multifamily sites, with indoor (DCKB) and outdoor (DCKB-AP-CR) installations used. 

Result: On a 200-apartment complex with a central boiler system, total annual therm savings was $1,728.06 and total annual kilowatt-hour savings was $836.18, with a total annual savings of $2,564.24. There are over 200,000 apartments complexes that have installed the controls. 714-668-1200; www.gothotwater.com.

Fittings installed in luxury custom home

Problem: Trilogy Plumbing, a Californian new construction plumbing contractor, needed to design a reliable plumbing system in the construction of their first multimillion-dollar custom house.

Solution: Rich Langenwalter, vice president at Trilogy Plumbing, chose to use JG ProLock push-fit fittings from John Guest USA. The range of fittings can be used with any combination of copper, PEX or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe and features Twist-to-Lock technology, which provides users with extra security when fittings are twisted into the locked position. Varying sizes of couplers, elbows, tees, reducers and brass fittings were all used in the plumbing installation and passed inspection upon its first test after completed construction. Fittings are code-approved and approved for behind-wall use.

Result: The fittings provided substantial savings in labor, as they do not require tools to make leak-proof connections, allowing for quicker and more secure installs. Designed for use in the domestic plumbing market, including water softener and filtration systems, the fittings will now be used in Trilogy Plumbing’s future custom home build projects. 973-808-5600; www.jgprolock.com.

Multiboiler system revitalizes nonprofit facility

Problem: The Valley Lighthouse, in Lykens, Pennsylvania, is a nonprofit facility built inside the shell of a commercial facility that had been abandoned for five years. The Ivan W & Alma E Martin Family Foundation purchased the 20,000-square-foot facility with a goal to restore it as a hub for a variety of local outreach programs, to include a food bank and educational facility. WM Buffington Co. was hired to provide a new hydronic system to serve a variety of air handlers. From the time the contract was signed, Buffington had a two-week deadline.

Solution: The design included five 180 mBh U.S. Boiler Co. - Burnham Brand Boilers K2 condensing boilers, piped and controlled in series, and a 50-gallon Alliance sidearm tank for DHW. “After learning about the K2, the boiler was a natural choice,” says Bill Buffington, company owner. “The layout inside the cabinet is intuitive, but the controls are what won me over. I’ve been looking to find a new line of condensing boilers for a while now, and the fact the control panel is universal across all sizes was a big selling point.”

Result: Today, the building has a very efficient hydronic system that offers a 50-1 turndown ratio, courtesy of the five modulating boilers. “What the Buffington crew was able to accomplish in 11 days is nothing short of amazing,” says Alan Garner, vice president and treasurer of the nonprofit. “I was blown away, and we’d heartily recommend them to anyone.” 717-397-4701; www.usboiler.net.

Press fittings speed up apartment building install 

Problem: Elite Mechanical needed to install a gas system in the Vineyard at Broadmore in Nampa, Idaho, a 30-unit senior apartment facility that offers one- and two-bedroom apartments for residents 55 and older. It was important to keep the project on track.

Solution: Using the Viega MegaPress G, ProPress and PureFlow System shaved days off installation. Brian Watson, owner of Elite Mechanical, and his team installed Viega products in the building, which was in phase two of this development. He says the savings in time were truly tangible. “We saw in the first building (a crew) hand-threaded the same sized building as this one, and we were at least two weeks faster,” Watson says. “We were able to complete the gas system for the whole building in two and a half weeks with four guys, and sometimes we were pinned in some small closets. It’s thousands of feet of gas pipe, probably 250 to 300 fittings.”

Result: “It’s really nice when we pressure test with air and the gauge doesn’t move — you run the risk with threading that if somebody didn’t get it quite tight enough, you’re tearing the building apart to fix it,” Watson says. “With Viega, we can be confident that we won’t have any problems.” The building also uses Viega PureFlow PEX Press products and used transition fittings to go to the copper main coming into the building. 800-976-9819; www.viega.us.


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