Case Studies - November 2021

System provides alarm, backup against wet weather events

Problem: Many Milwaukee area homes that have older sump basins, many 16 inches in diameter, see their fair share of water. As these homeowners finish basements or simply want to protect their HVAC and other equipment, they often look to add protection from power outages and pump failures. With small sump basins, it’s difficult to develop a system where pump floats don’t compete with one another or hit the side of the basin.

Solution: JMI Pump Systems recognized the need to provide security from these issues and created a pre-assembled battery backup package with a 15-inch max footprint. JMI accomplished this by using a pipe-mounted vertical float for the primary pump, and a backup pump using pipe configured electronic sensors with no moving parts. The backup system self-tests weekly to ensure reliable operation continues and provides warning when it or the battery are no longer viable. While the system provides an audible alarm, homeowners can also opt to receive text or email notifications.

Result: Not only do homeowners receive added security, the plumber will have a compact system that easily and quickly installs in these applications. There is no more trying to pipe everything on site and decide where to set floats. This is all done by JMI, including the provision of check valves. The entire process can take the same or less time than installing a single pump. The system saves on contractor labor and ensures a battery backup of consistent quality while providing the end customer piece of mind. 800-234-5490;  


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