System Malfunctions:  Why, Wherefores and Fixes

There are many possible reasons for onsite system failures. A thorough inspection can pinpoint the root cause and help identify the best remedy.
System Malfunctions:  Why, Wherefores and Fixes
Gray, lumpy material had partially filled the drainfield media, restricting effluent exfiltration. The homeowner would not acknowledge discharging a substance that would have led to this condition.   Solution: Adhere to septic system discharge best practices, such as avoiding the release of paints, chemicals, and other deleterious substances. (Photos courtesy of Jennifer Forbes)

Various factors affect the lifespan of an onsite wastewater treatment system. To better understand the lifespan and what causes malfunctions, some states and drainfield media manufacturers have performed independent investigations.

These studies point to homeowner usage habits,...

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