Announcing Spartan Tool’s New Jetter Rental Program

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Announcing Spartan Tool’s New Jetter Rental Program

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Making the decision to purchase a jetter is a big step for your business and an even bigger financial investment. Adding jetting services will add another revenue stream to your business, but the initial cost of the jetter can be a hurdle. One solution: Try before you buy with Spartan Tool’s Jetter Rental Program.

Why rent?
Renting equipment has many benefits for the savvy business owner. Here are a few reasons to consider renting a Spartan jetter.

• Save money. If you only do a couple of jetting jobs per year, it may be more cost-effective to rent the equipment as you need it. Once you’ve developed a steady base of jetting customers, you’ll be ready to add a jetter to your fleet permanently.

• Cater to short-term equipment need. There are many reasons you may have a short-term need for equipment: maintenance, seasonal shifts, meeting occasional customer needs and more. Keep business flowing by renting what you need, when you need it.

• Provide specialty performance. Maybe you have the equipment you need to handle normal calls, but you get called on to do a one-off job that requires some heavy lifting. Don’t let the customer go to your competition — rent a heavy-duty jetter to get you through.

• Satisfy temporary production increases. If you’re in a busy season and need to add to your fleet temporarily, renting will help keep you up and running so you never have to turn a customer away.

• Fill in when regular machines need maintenance. Renting can fill the gap when your jetter is out for maintenance. Avoid lost time and earnings by renting until your jetter is back on the job.

• Meet deadline crunches. Never miss a deadline because your equipment is in use or down for maintenance. Renting will keep your fleet running smoothly.

• Expand machine inventory. Offer expanded services and stay competitive with equipment that keeps you ready to take on any job.

• Increase overall capability when and where needed. Never turn down a job because the right tools aren’t available. Renting gives you confidence that you have what you need when the customer calls.

• Eliminate responsibility of testing, maintenance and service. You have enough on your plate; let someone else handle the headache of maintenance and service.

• Make project scheduling easier to manage with on-demand resources. Scheduling conflicts are a headache you don’t need. Keep your calendar moving like clockwork and know that the equipment you need will be available.

The details 
The current Spartan Tool rental fleet features Ford Transit vans equipped with the Urban Warrior water jetter. The Urban Warrior utilizes a 50 hp Kubota gas engine that provides 3,000 psi at 19 gpm. The high-pressure hose reel holds 360 feet of hose and pivots 180 degrees for ease of use in all situations. Spartan also has a fleet of trailer jetters that range from 12 to 18 gpm offering a maximum psi of 3,000 to 4,000.

Rental terms
Spartan Tool has a rental that’s right for you. With their flexible terms, you’ll be able to choose the right fit for your business. 

Monthly rental rates 

Van units
1 month - $2,500 per month
6 months - $2,300 per month
12 months - $2,100 per month

Trailer units
Trailer jetters - $3,500 per month

Learn more about the Spartan Rental Program and get started today by contacting your territory manager. Find your territory manager here. Prices subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping may apply.


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