Plumber Product News: April 2022

Here are the latest product offerings for the plumbing industry

Plumber Product News: April 2022

Milwaukee Tool’s new M12 Stick Transfer Pump transfers water without interruption, and the water transfer pump delivers superior filtration and eliminates the hassles of manual pumping.

Milwaukee Tool M12 Stick Transfer Pump
Milwaukee Tool’s new M12 Stick Transfer Pump transfers water without interruption, and the water transfer pump delivers superior filtration and eliminates the hassles of manual pumping. Featuring a 36-inch submersible aluminum barrel, the pump has the reach and inlet control needed to get to water in difficult-to-access areas such as trenches, storm drains and water meter boxes. Milwaukee’s new HydroPass filter technology maximizes water flow in heavy debris to pump up to 9 gallons of water per minute. The 360-degree filter minimizes downtime caused by clogging, increasing productivity on the job. With a 15-foot maximum head height and an outlet compatible with a standard 3/4-inch garden hose, the water transfer pump delivers the power to push water out of pits, basins and over walls. 800-729-3878;

ENPRESS In-Out Head with Bypass
The In-Out Head from ENPRESS allows for systems to run in upflow or downflow service, has up to four different sampling ports for easy system design flexibility, and comes in two standard configurations for use with different distributor pipe connection requirements, 1.05 inch or 1.315 inch. It is NSF/ANSI certified and designed to match composite pressure vessel cycle and burst requirements: 4:1 burst safety factor above the rated pressure of 150 psi; and cycle testing for ambient and 150 degree F water temperatures for cycles up to 250,000. Additional 1-inch MNPT elbow or straight connection options are available and require no gluing for ease of installation. The In-Out Head also features the company’s Bypass that utilizes industry-standard threaded fitting kit connections to simplify installation. 866-859-9274;

Kohler H2Wise and H2Wise+ water monitoring systems
Kohler’s two new water monitoring systems, the Kohler H2Wise and H2Wise+ powered by Phyn provide efficient solutions to address a variety of concerns or budgets. Both monitoring systems deliver immediate alerts for minor or major leaks, run a diagnosis of the entire home’s plumbing to detect hidden issues, provide pre-freeze warnings to help prevent frozen pipe bursts, and track daily water usage by each fixture and faucet in the entire home. The H2Wise is designed to be installed by the homeowner, and through the KOHLER Konnect mobile app, users can run a diagnostic test to detect potential problems and track water usage. H2Wise+ should be installed by a professional onto the main waterline and provides the ability to shut off the main water supply automatically and remotely when a leak is detected. H2Wise+ analyzes the entire home’s plumbing 24/7 to detect hidden issues every time water is turned on in the house. 920-457-4441;

Watts LF909-FS flood sensors
Integrated flood sensor technology is now standard on all large-diameter (2 1/2- to 10-inch) Watts 909 backflow preventers. Flood sensors can be easily activated with add-on cellular or battery management system kits. Sensors are designed to detect discharge from the RPZ backflow’s relief valve, so action can be taken to prevent flooding. An integrated sensor is now pre-installed at the relief valve, directly before the air gap, on all large-diameter 909s. The integrated, self-calibrating flood sensor detects potential flood conditions. Customers can receive multichannel alerts via email, text and phone call using optional activation kits. Activation kits include options for connecting to the building management system or connecting through the cellular gateway, utilizing the Watts cloud-based platform SynctaSM. Customers can upgrade existing 909 valves already installed with the new technology using upgrade kits. 978-688-1811;

SJE Rhombus Installer Friendly Series single phase panels
SJE Rhombus’ redesigned Installer Friendly Series single phase panels now feature an easy-to-use color LCD on the inner door for programming and system monitoring. The menu navigation can be used to select pump hand/off/auto mode, convert between demand or timed dose operation, adjust pump activation levels and switch between traditional floats or the C-Level sensor for continuous level monitoring, all while in the field. Users can also check the tank level indication and setpoint monitoring at a glance. The LCD display identifies the lead pump by a graphic ring around the current lead pump regardless of control mode (timed dose or demand) and displays remaining time in each active on-or-off timed dose mode, as well as at-a-glance on-or-off time elapsed graphic around lead pump. The IFS simplex panel controls one 120/208/240-volt single phase pump, while the duplex controls two 120/208/240-volt single phase pumps in water and wastewater applications. 218-847-1317;

Bradley Corp. Navigator digital mixing valve
Bradley Corp.'s newest Navigator digital mixing valve delivers precise temperature control and programmable features. Engineered with advanced technology to deliver and maintain water temperatures within plus or minus 3 degrees F, even during low and zero demand periods, the digital valve maximizes safety and efficiency for domestic hot water systems. The valve’s intuitive controller allows proactive temperature control by setting the temperature for normal operation and scheduling periodic thermal disinfection cycles. Data logging and BMS integration allow for convenient remote monitoring to ensure the proper water temperature is being distributed, eliminating the risk of elevated temperatures and scalding. The S59-5000 series valve is available in five models ranging from 3/4- to 2-inch size. Two valves can also be combined into a manifold system to deliver even higher flow rates up to 409 gpm at 20 psi drop. 800-272-3539;

NIBCO ball valves
NIBCO expanded its line of high-performance ball valves to include 2 1/2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes of the 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves in solder, threaded and press end connections. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free and corrosion-resistant 585HP full-port ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability and long service life. Laser-welded construction eliminates the threaded body to body-end connection allowing for a higher operating pressure up to 1,000 cold working pressure, and operating temperature up to 250 degrees F. The expanded line features a reversible handle providing flexibility for on-site modifications, large accessible packing nut, and a triple-sealed stem. 800-234-0227;

Merrill Manufacturing frost-proof yard hydrants
Merrill Manufacturing’s frost-proof yard hydrants have a new, durable powder coating. The all-weather powder-coat finish will be incorporated into all hydrants, providing enhanced resistance to corrosion, UV and abrasion, ensuring a functional and vibrant yard hydrant. The frost-proof feature utilizes a drainage hole that allows water to drain completely, preventing freeze-ups. 712-732-2760;


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