When Cleaning Drains, Hot Water is Best

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When Cleaning Drains, Hot Water is Best

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Using a cabling machine to clear a clog has been a staple in the plumbing industry for a very long time. And while cabling can bore through a clog, it is not unusual for plumbers and drain cleaners to return to service the same drain for the same problem later.

Clearing blockages with high pressure jetting by trained and skilled technicians produces the best results. Cleaning the drains completely is only accomplished with hot water jetting combined with eco-friendly detergents that will continue to treat the buildup of fats, oils and grease with biological enzymes that feed on the FOG — keeping drains clear and offering plumbing professionals residual income in the form of a drain line maintenance program.

Vinny Rouchi, owner of Silver Star Plumbing in Las Vegas, Nevada, has run nearly every brand of jetter on the market. He chose the HotJet II trailer jetter to give him an edge when it comes to clearing tough grease clogs. His trailer-mounted HotJet USA water jetter — outfitted with hot-water capability — makes short work of tough drain cleaning problems. It’s a story that gets relayed to HotJet USA constantly.

“Most times, the HotJet II does a job about twice as fast as using cold water,” Rouchi says. “It’s especially good for cleaning out grease trap lines. The hot water gets heated to a temperature of 140 degrees and it liquefies the grease. I’ve used both cold and hot water and there’s a big-time difference. With cold water you can spend a lot of time working in one small area and it can create clogs in the rest of line — chunks of grease hook up together farther down the line and form another clog. But by using hot water, that doesn’t happen because it’s liquefied.” 

Rouchi says technicians can do jobs twice as fast, which means more time, and time is more valuable than money. “Even if we get in just one more job a week because of that, we’re making $1,400 to $1,600 more revenue per week.”

Keep customers coming back

Nobody likes to have to call a plumber to clean out an impossible drain clog. But once the plumber has not only completely cleaned the line and treated the line with a drain additive like 3n1 Total-C, customers keep calling to maintain their restored, healthy drain. 3n1 Total-C is a specially formulated drain line additive that uses all natural ingredients to eat away at FOG, keeping drains clear, pleasant smelling and clean. Plumbers who offer a drain line maintenance program have seen their revenues increase up to 31% per month. 

Soon, prices will be increasing due to demand for and prices of raw materials. But plumbing professionals can take advantage of the HotJet II Super Sale right now by mentioning this article. The HotJet II runs hot or cold water with a 35 hp Vanguard engine produced by Toyota. It runs 10 gpm at 4,000 psi and clears drains up to 12 inches. The HotJet II is a hybrid machine that comes with complete power washing capabilities — another value added service that plumbing businesses can offer. At $32,995, the HotJet II is the complete package, turnkey upon delivery which is included in the sale price when shipping to the lower 48 states. HotJet USA’s coveted Jetter Bootcamp at its manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City is also included with the purchase of the HotJet II. The Jetter Bootcamp features comprehensive training in equipment safety/operation, nozzle technology, detergents and business marketing.

Professionals that mention this ad are also entitled to a special introduction to 3n1 Total-C as an authorized reseller and with the purchase of the HotJet II will receive a four-case supply with private labeling customized with their business branding.

For more information, please visit www.hotjetusa.com or call 800-624-8186.


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