How Fleet Tracking and Video Benefit Plumbing Contractors

Adding video to vehicle tracking supercharges your efforts to boost productivity, reduce waste and improve customer service

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How Fleet Tracking and Video Benefit Plumbing Contractors

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Plumbing contractors face tremendous pressure to retain existing customers and grow their business. Regardless of size, these field service businesses must establish and maintain an excellent reputation for service that includes on-time arrival, verification of completed jobs, and workflow steps that reduce friction. 

GPS vehicle- and video-based fleet management systems can be a powerful tool to serve these efforts by enhancing customer service and productivity. These days, customers expect proficiency with technology. 

Fleet tracking raises awareness of the location and use of company assets. It helps these businesses reduce operating costs such as fuel (including idling), time waste, and theft of company resources. GPS vehicle data can be integrated with back-office systems to improve invoicing and billing. 

Entry-level video systems help companies avoid costly legal outcomes. In-cab video cameras with camera vision, machine learning and other AI features provide an even higher level of intelligence around fleet operations. They watch the road ahead for objects and the driver to monitor distracted behaviors such as cellphone use, drowsiness, smoking or eating. 

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