Selling Drain Maintenance Services to the Skeptical Customer

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Selling Drain Maintenance Services to the Skeptical Customer

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While a quick run at a clog with a cable machine may seem like the best economical choice for the discerning customer, it may not be the best long-term solution. Selling a customer on a pricier procedure isn’t always easy. Presenting home and business owners with solutions that truly protect their plumbing systems demonstrates a sincere concern for the customer’s investment and is proven to be a lucrative method of residual income for plumbing professionals.

When customers can see the problem, it’s easier to explain how best to fix it. While cable equipment is a quick and very effective method of penetrating a clog, but it leaves a lot of uncleaned surfaces on the sidewalls of drains. These uncleaned surfaces lead to premature line buildup and blockages — especially in lines that see an onslaught of FOG.

Cleaning with hot water combined with high-pressure jetting removes all buildup and debris from sewer and drainlines. Jetting lines does more than bore a hole into a clog, it annihilates stubborn blockages. When combined with a drain additive like Total-C it prevents the future buildup of FOG with regular usage and it guarantees that lines will be free flowing and without the odor that typically results from FOG-plagued drains.

Offering a drain maintenance program that includes jetting and monthly drain additive treatments combined with the new HotJet USA Drain Maintenance Contracting Program is a winning solution for professionals who are looking to offer the latest in drain cleaning technology and efficient billing procedures that keep their customers coming back on a regular basis.

For questions about this new maintenance contracting program, private labeling the drain additive Total-C or to add jetting equipment to your fleet, call HotJet USA at 800-624-8186 or visit

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