Installation of New Boiler Brings Many Advantages

Advanced, efficient boiler system helps revitalize century-old home with better and expanded heating.

Installation of New Boiler Brings Many Advantages

Wanting to upgrade heating in his house in Fargo, North Dakota, the homeowner hired Esser Plumbing & Heating of Perham, Minnesota, to install this Weil-McLain brand high-efficiency ECO Tec 150 MBH gas boiler (left). The boiler features powerful, intuitive controls and built-in zone control designed to provide targeted heat for all levels of the home. At right is the Smart40 Indirect Tank from Triangle Tube also installed.

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The owner of a 107-year-old home had been having issues with the home’s boiler and needed a solution for that and for a major basement finishing project.

Michael Bartholomay-Berreth, owner of the 2,700-square-foot, two-story Craftsman residence built in 1914 in Fargo, North Dakota, had decided to convert their unfinished basement into a warm, livable space consisting of a living room and bedroom with radiant heated floors.

“We live in Fargo, so obviously a house is only as good as its heating system,” says Bartholomay-Berreth. “Heating the basement was a major concern because it got very cold down there in the winter — sometimes dipping below 50 degrees. On top of that, our existing boiler was really inefficient and was the only heat source for the first and second floor radiators.”

The installation of an innovative and highly efficient boiler form Weil-McLain helped make the basement remodel a success and the family’s home comfortably warm throughout.


Bartholomay-Berreth contacted John Robinson at Esser Plumbing & Heating in Perham, Minnesota, which performs commercial and residential installations and services throughout the Lakes area in Minnesota and the Fargo-Moorhead area, to handle the upgrade. 

“Upon inspection, the heating system consisted of a very old boiler and an old gravity system with pipes hanging below the ceiling and 2 1/2 inch lines connected to the boiler,” says Robinson. “With limited space for the boiler replacement, the homeowner sought a single boiler solution to heat the basement’s new radiant floors and provide multizone capability for the main floor and second-floor radiators.”

After careful review, Robinson recommended installing a Weil-McLain brand high-efficiency ECO Tec 150 MBH gas boiler featuring powerful, intuitive controls and built-in zone control designed to provide targeted, abundant heat for all levels of the home.


As part of the basement remodeling project, the contracting team broke up and removed all the concrete floor from the basement. Then they dug out the ground to lower the floor level a foot to make room for the installation of radiant floor heat.

With the radiant heat and the new concrete flooring installed, the team connected the radiant flooring and all the existing cast iron hot water radiators on the upper levels of the home to the new ECO Tec boiler. In addition, the team installed a Smart40 indirect tank (Triangle Tube) for hot water, also powered by the ECO Tec boiler.   

“The location of the boiler is in a cramped space the size of a small closet and Esser did such a great job installing and feeding all of the lines in there,” says Bartholomay-Berreth. “Thankfully this boiler is designed for easy access and installation into tight areas.”

The new boiler features heat only and combi versions for all residential space and domestic hot water heating. It features a durable stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with sound dampening air silencer, corrosion resistant condensate collector base, easy-to-use setup wizards and touch screen display.


Bartholomay-Berreth has experienced several benefits from the new boiler installation.

“The new system was the ideal solution to our problems,” says Bartholomay-Berreth. “Esser Plumbing & Heating did an unbelievable job getting the system up and running quickly. The result was a new boiler that provides highly efficient heat and hot water for our entire home.”

Bartholomay-Berreth also enjoys learning more about the user-friendly ECO Tec unit.

“I’ve been monitoring the boiler to see how the system works and to use the cool touchscreen,” says Bartholomay-Berreth. “I like to see which zones are receiving heat at any given time to learn more about how it works. The unit is pretty slick. Its intelligent boiler control is able to supply higher temperatures to the radiators and water heater, for them to operate as designed; and a lower temperature to the radiant floor system, for a warm even heat.”

Most importantly, the house is a warmer and more comfortable environment.

“This is a special house that has been around a long time,” said Bartholomay-Berreth. “And our new boiler system lets us appreciate and enjoy it that much more.” 


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