New York Plumbing Pro Chooses Drain Cleaning Tools Up to the Task

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New York Plumbing Pro Chooses Drain Cleaning Tools Up to the Task

The Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air.

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When Murdock Plumbing & Heating confronts clogs in inside lines, they grab their “one-two punch.” 

That’s what owner Robert “Bob” Murdock calls his arsenal of two hand-held drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners: the innovative Kinetic Water Ram and the Super-Vee power drain cleaning machine. 

Experience matters. For nearly 45 years, his company has professionally served residential and commercial customers in the Elmira, New York, area. They know Murdock knows his job. 

Proper tools count, too. “Drain cleaning is difficult,” he says. “And you’ll never get very far without rugged, reliable equipment.” 

Tag-team terminates troubles 

For decades, Murdock has teamed both General tools in sequence to clear most inside obstructions he finds. And he always starts with the Kinetic Water Ram. 

Since the early 1970s, General’s pioneering drain cleaning tool has quickly cleared clogged lines with the power of kinetic energy. One long-time customer dubbed it “Bob’s Bazooka.” 

Just pump it up, insert into a drain with standing water and snap the trigger. It’s that fast. 

Fast and eco-friendly 

Lightweight and economical, the futuristic Kinetic Water Ram generates a shock wave that instantly pulverizes stoppages in 1 1/4- to 4-inch lines, yet won’t harm pipes. 

The shock wave bypasses vents and bends to batter blockages. And the tool’s built-in pump and pressure gauge lets operators choose the right amount of force for each job. 

“Don’t over-pump it,” Murdock says. “We’ve found that 10 pounds is usually enough to start with.” 

Environmentally friendly, compact, portable Kinetic Water Ram is cleaner than snakes and safer than chemicals. 

Unlike some competitive devices, it requires no electrical power or CO2 gas. And it’s great for a range of plumbing, drain cleaning, maintenance and restoration applications. 

Versatile and safe 

“It works great on 3/4-inch air-conditioning condenser lines, too,” Murdock says. “And we don’t have to worry about electrical dangers.” 

General’s sleek, plated Kinetic Water Ram also comes in a sturdy carrying case with molded compartments for the tool and accessories. A Schraeder valve for use with an external air compressor when clearing difficult blockages is also provided.

An optional toilet attachment screws onto the front of Kinetic Water Ram, turning it into a powerful plunger. The specially designed accessory precisely positions in bowls for a tight seal, hitting blockages with maximum impact and no splashback. 

His innovative alternative 

But Murdock's somewhat old-fashioned. “I personally prefer our General Teletube Flexicore closet auger on toilet backups,” he says. 

The heavy-duty tool remains the industry’s most durable and versatile closet auger. General’s dual layer cable construction with a wire rope inner core can navigate nearly any toilet bowl, yet resists kinking and breaking, and excels at clearing clogs just beyond the bowl. 

Just push the button for three extra feet of Flexicore cable inside the guide tube. With a total reach of 6 feet, there’s usually no need to pull the toilet. 

More muscle on tougher troubles 

If Kinetic Water Ram doesn’t pulverize the problem, Murdock grabs his Super-Vee. 

Easy-to-use, hand-held Super-Vee quickly unclogs sink, shower, toilet, and laundry lines up to 3 inches in diameter. It’s so rugged that many last for decades without replacement. It’s that reliable. 

General’s quick, convenient Slide-Action chuck engages and releases Flexicore cable by simply sliding the Super-Vee’s Grip-Shield forward or back — even while cable rotates. 

The chuck also automatically adjusts to 1/4- through 3/8-inch diameter cables. And General’s quick-change cartridges let users easily switch or clean cables without delay or mess. 

Industry-leading cable 

Tightly wound over a wire rope core, then heat-treated, General’s legendary Flexicore design gives cables outstanding strength without sacrificing flexibility. 

And Flexicore is so tough, it carries a one-year warranty against breakage. 

A robust range of cables and cutters is available, too. Powered by a variable-speed motor, today’s Super-Vee carries up to 50 feet of 1/4- or 5/16-inch or 35 feet of 3/8-inch Flexicore cable. Murdock prefers 3/8-inch cable. And accessories include the novel Handy-Stand and Uni-Stand to facilitate working in cramped spots. 

If neither the Kinetic Water Ram or Super-Vee works, it’s usually a pipe pitch problem, Murdock says, necessitating line replacement. 

“We can handle that, too,” he says. “We’re finding lots of improperly installed drain lines. 

“Regardless, we’re going to stay on a clogged drain until it’s unplugged. And our General tools help assure that.”

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