Powerful “Bullet-Proof” Root 66 Anchors Florida Plumber’s Drain Cleaning Arsenal

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Powerful “Bullet-Proof” Root 66 Anchors Florida Plumber’s Drain Cleaning Arsenal

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A large apartment complex in Tampa suffered a severe sewer line stoppage from root penetration. Three different plumbing companies with a variety of machines tried clearing the clogs. 

All three were unsuccessful. 

Enter Florida plumbing pro Brad Bush and one of his Root 66 sectional drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners

It didn’t take Bush long to get things flowing. 

“After about an hour with the Root 66 and 7/8-inch cable,” he recalls, “I cleared the roots and got the line draining again.” 

Tough tools for brawny blockages 

Bush’s fast-growing business — Bush Family Plumbing LLC in Zephyrhills, Florida — currently boasts two of General’s compact, powerful machines. 

Bush bought his first Root 66 from the company he apprenticed for, and during his training he noticed that, unlike sectional machines from other manufacturers, it remarkably “had never been serviced.” 

Since then, “it’s cleared over 1,000 stoppages,” he says. “It’s worked flawlessly, only requiring greasing once a week. And it’s at least 10 years old.” 

“Bullet-proof” performance 

“It’s bullet-proof,” he says. “That Root 66 is still going as strong as it had on day one.” 

Designed to clear practically any inside or rooftop drain, the versatile Root 66 power drain cleaner uses 5/8- or 7/8-inch sectional cables interchangeably, with no adapters or tools required to change cable sizes. 

Bush uses both cable sizes “on most of our jobs: mainline blockages, kitchen sink clogs, and roof stoppages.

“We compared several machines, and for strength, reliability and ease-of-use, only Root 66 met our standards. Above all, it’s made in the U.S.” 

Easy operation 

Engaging the drive handle provides plenty of cable torque from the 1/2 hp capacitor motor. Releasing the drive handle immediately stops cable rotation with no additional torque buildup. 

“When it comes to eating at roots or other hard stoppages, torque is the key to success.” 

General’s kink-resistant sectional cables offer outstanding strength and exceptional cutting power on serious stoppages. 

“Root 66 has never let us down when eating up roots!” 

Compact, stable and transportable 

General’s compact Root 66, he says, is the “perfect size to get into some very tight spaces while still offering the same power as larger machines do.” 

The broad, four-point base ensures excellent stability. 

“We use Root 66 a lot for roof stoppages. The wide aluminum frame and rubber feet provide excellent stability, even on steep, pitched roofs — keeping both machine and operator safe.” 

General also offers an optional drum with smaller 1/4-, 5/16- or 3/8-inch Flexicore cables. Attached to the back of Root 66, it reliably clears sinks and other small drain lines. 

Tightly wound over a wire rope core, then heat-treated, General’s legendary Flexicore design gives continuous cables outstanding strength without sacrificing flexibility. It’s so tough, it carries a one-year warranty against breakage — the industry’s best. 

Other Root 66 accessories include cable carriers and a toolbox. Standard equipment includes a ground fault circuit interrupter, double palm leather gloves, and a rear guide hose. 

Trusty tools boost business reputation 

Bush Family Plumbing recently brought a second Root 66 into its steadily expanding arsenal of General drain cleaning tools. 

“We consider reputation one pillar of our success. And it’s one of the main reasons we use only General Pipe Cleaners equipment.” 

Their growing roster currently includes: 

  • Two each of General’s popular, hand-held Super-Vee and Power-Vee power drain cleaners 
  • A rugged Handy-Stand that turns Super-Vee and Power-Vee drain cleaners into practical countertop or floor machines 
  • A previously owned Easy Rooter floor machine nicknamed “Big Bertha” 
  • A brand-new Gen-Eye Pod video inspection system with Wi-Fi capability and a Hot Spot digital locator  

“With more to come!” Bush says. 

Rugged General tools remain a key factor in forging customer satisfaction. 

“Our customers count on us to fix issues right — the first time. And General’s quality, reliability and engineering helps ensure that.” 

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