Be a True Plumbing Professional

A personal approach to customer service and marketing will make your business stand out.
Be a True Plumbing Professional
Kurt Bohmer, owner of Kurt Bohmer’s Professional Plumbing & Drain Service in Santa Clarita, California, takes a personal approach to marketing and customer service.

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Many septic-pumping companies rely on the postal service to remind customers that their tank is due for a cleaning. Kurt Bohmer’s Professional Plumbing & Drain Service in Santa Clarita, California, takes a more personal approach to this industry marketing staple: a phone call.

Every day, staffers receive a computer-generated report that shows every customer whose tank was cleaned that day two years ago. Then they pick up the phone and start dialing.

“People really appreciate the personal touch,” says owner Kurt Bohmer. “And if they have a question, I call them back … they like to hear from the owner of the company.”

Staffers also give customers a call the day after their tank is cleaned and ask for feedback via a quick survey. Was the job done to their satisfaction? Was the technician clean and polite? Were there any problems?

“At first, it shocks them that someone is actually calling,’’ Bohmer says. “But they also find it very rewarding. You’ve locked in that customer for life.”

Projecting a professional image also increases customer loyalty, he notes. That’s why company technicians wear a uniform every day: A collared, button-front shirt with the company logo and employee’s name embroidered on it, navy blue work pants, a black belt and black work boots. The company pays a uniform service to provide and clean the uniforms.

Every employee has a locker at the office, where they don a fresh uniform daily. Technicians also keep a spare uniform in their service vehicle so they can change if they get too dirty to be presentable. Technicians wear disposable boot covers when they enter customers’ homes, too.

“No one wants a dirty technician coming into their home,” Bohmer points out. “Image is everything — that first meeting is an opportunity to start off on the right foot. When our technicians knock on a door, they step back 4 feet to give customers space. It’s all about being polite and making customers comfortable.” 


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