No Job Is Easy, Having the Right Crew Will Help

Right crew, right attitude will go a long way in accomplishing those difficult jobs you get called to.

There is a moment of satisfaction that you get when you accomplish something that either had never been done before or nobody thought you could do it. You feel like you’re a superhero and nothing can touch you.

I imagine that is how plumbers feel when they get called to an emergency job, solve an emergency for the customer, and retain that customer for future work.

Solving those problems for customers are what drive many of you to the plumbing industry as I’ve read in many emails from our readers. You enjoy helping people and finding solutions to issues that they have with plumbing systems.


When plumber Chris Kreutzer was called to a restaurant where they suspected a leak, instead of breaking up the concrete slab floor and creating a giant mess for the customer, he proposed cutting in valves to isolate the problem.

That’s what he and his team at Carrboro Plumbing in Carrboro, North Carolina, did. They found the leak easier and, because of that job, secured the restaurant as a long-term customer.

Finding solutions for difficult jobs like that are what drive Carrboro Plumbing, featured in this issue, to do what they love every day.


It doesn’t matter if that job that you’ve helped a customer with was small or big. Every job comes with its challenges and finding a solution to them can be difficult at times. That’s when you depend on your crew you’ve hired or work with to put heads together and come up with a way to solve it.

Everyone on your team has different job experiences and putting those together can create a pretty awesome team that will make almost any job doable.

In this issue’s Industry Insider column, Randy Lorge talks about the differences a plumber may see in plumbing codes in different states. It can be a challenge figuring them all out, but each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

It also helps you understand why another plumber may have done a job one way, while you tackle it another way.


I want to see more of your jobs this year. I like to highlight the tough, unique and strange plumbing jobs you’ve been on. Email me about them, send me pictures of them, or call and tell me about them!

You can email me at or call 715-350-8436.

Enjoy this issue and have fun with those tough jobs! 


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