Building Relationships to Retain Customers

Bearden Plumbing Solutions aims to develop generational customers in its northern Georgia service area

Building Relationships to Retain Customers

Daniel Bearden, owner of Bearden Plumbing Solutions

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Daniel Bearden’s approach to taking care of his customers can be summarized in one sentence: “We do plumbing, but we are in the relationship business.”

So says the owner of Bearden Plumbing Solutions, which serves Adairsville in northern Georgia as well as some surrounding counties. The relationship-building is on two fronts. First is the company’s effort to “be your lifelong plumber,” as it says on the company website.

Bearden calls it “growing those generational customers. I tell customers I want to be your guy, but I also want to be your mom’s guy and your uncle’s guy. We are the quintessential small-town local plumber just forming relationships through honesty and integrity in the work we do. People don’t change. Marketing and technologies can change, but people remain the same.”

The second front is the company’s support of activities and organizations in local communities. It is not a half-hearted effort.

“We are trying to let the community know that we are not just sitting over here not caring about what’s going on in our community,” Bearden says. “We try to support the schools in any way we can. We look for ways to get behind various kinds of ministries. We want to be an active part of what’s going on.”

He says this extra dimension of interaction with the people of Bartow County and surrounding parts of northern Georgia gives his work as a tradesperson more value. 

“At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about for us. We need to make a profit, we need to make money, sure, but the relationships we have built make it all so much more special.”

In one of the hundred or more testimonies on the company website, a satisfied customer added a final compliment — “He even petted my dog.”

Bearden laughs about it. “It’s real. People can tell fake from real. I love what I do and what it has done for me.”

Read more about Bearden Plumbing Solutions in the July 2021 issue of Plumber magazine.


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