Plumbing Firm Shows What It Takes to Reach 100

It doesn’t take much to make it to 100 — just pride, enthusiasm and hard work.

A few months ago, I was watching some of the summer Olympic games and saw athletes that were enthusiastic about the sports they were competing in, pride for the countries they were representing and hard work to win the medals.

It’s the same thing I see when I talk to owners and employees of long-standing plumbing companies.

Pat Armbrust, whose family has owned Armbrust Plumbing & Heating Solutions for 100-plus years, has that enthusiasm for the Illinois-based company. He also has pride for the company his grandfather and father have helped grow, and he isn’t afraid to show the hard work his employees do in interactions with customers and the community.

I’ve said it many times in this column, but I enjoy when we profile a company that has been around 100-plus years and hearing how they were able to accomplish that feat. The plumbing industry seems to be one of a few industries in the world that have companies that last that long, and I truly think it’s because of the lessons you, as apprentices, journeymen and as family members growing up in this field, were taught early on.

In the profile on Armbrust Plumbing in this issue, Pat Armbrust talks about the changes his family’s company has been through over the years. While there have been a few changes, the core beliefs of treating employees and customers with respect and taking pride in what they do haven’t swayed at all.


As mentioned above, one way to help a company make it to the big 100-year mark is by keeping your employees happy. That isn’t always easy to do, but it isn’t impossible.

Check out some tips on changes you can make with your company right away to start making employees happy and keeping them that way in our Smart Business feature in this issue.


Those of you who have been in the plumbing industry know by now how confusing the plumbing codes can be where you are from and throughout the world. Our industry insider, Randy Lorge, last spoke about circuit venting. This time, he tackles wet venting and how the code varies so much.

Is there a plumbing code that you would like to have looked at a little bit closer? Maybe something that has you stumped? Let me know by emailing me at and we’ll pass it onto our industry insiders to try and help.

Enjoy this issue! 


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