AHR Expo Allows Attendees to Try Out New Techniques and Technology

Contractors are looking at different ways of doing their jobs and ways they can grow their operations.
AHR Expo Allows Attendees to Try Out New Techniques and Technology
A sales representative for Viega demonstrates a Viega pressing tool attached to a RIDGID power tool at the AHR Expo on Tuesday morning.

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It can be tough to change, but Jason Nelson was taking on the challenge and taking in all he could at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

“I’m just taking it all in, this place is huge and the technology is remarkable,” Nelson says. “It’s a little overwhelming, but you have to look at it all if you want your company to grow.”

Nelson has owned a plumbing company in Idaho for the past 10 years and is ready to grow it into new areas. Currently, the company only offers basic plumbing and emergency plumbing services.

“I want to move into offering HVAC services,” Nelson says. “There aren’t any companies within 50 miles of me that offer that and if I can move into that industry, it’ll be big. I have one guy working for me who has done HVAC work for other companies before and thinks it would be an easy move for us.”

Nelson was spending his day looking at all the HVAC technology at the show and talking to industry experts in the booths.

“Where else are you going to get this kind of experience and knowledge in one area?” Nelson says. “It’s helping me make the decision on what I want to do. Now I just need to figure out how to finance the equipment purchases I’d want to make.”

This week the AHR Expo has drawn many contractors looking at new opportunities for their businesses. That doesn’t necessarily mean new services. Some plumbing contractors were looking at new ways to handle their existing work. Plumber Gavin Rouley, of Kansas City, Missouri, was looking at various pressing tools at the show.

“I’ve visited them all, Greenlee, RIDGID, Viega and Milwaukee,” Rouley says. “It’s all still pretty new to me.”

The 56-year-old plumber has only used soldering as the technique to put together lines, but press tools take that away and “press” the pipe pieces together.

“It looks like it’s easy to do and a heck of a lot faster than pulling out the torch and soldering it together,” Rouley says. “I’m definitely considering making the change now, even at my age.”

The AHR Expo wraps up today with show hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific). 


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