Educate Customers on Water Waste During Fix a Leak Week

FloLogic offers 5 water-saving tips to share with customers for the EPA WaterSense program’s annual awareness campaign

Educate Customers on Water Waste During Fix a Leak Week

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Water waste is rampant and to mark Fix a Leak Week (March 19-25), an awareness initiative sponsored by the EPA WaterSense program, FloLogic is providing a few tips that you can share with customers.

Plumbing leaks waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water that enters U.S. households each year, or 12 percent of total water used in homes, according to the Residential End Uses of Water Study, which evaluated 23,000 households.

“Many people don’t think about plumbing leaks because water remains relatively cheap and leaks are often hidden from plain sight,” says Chuck DeSmet, founder of FloLogic, whose smart leak detection system can identify and automatically stop leaks that occur anywhere in a plumbing supply before they cause damage or waste. “When leaks destroy property they are addressed quickly, while leaks that simply waste water can persist for years, particularly if they’re undetected. But water destruction and waste is completely preventable.”

Here are five water-saving tips for your customers: 

1. Review the water bill

A family of four will typically use 12,000 gallons per month. Usage in excess of this amount indicates a likely leak.

2. Inspect toilets

Worn-out flappers are a primary water-waster. Listen for toilets that refill between flushes. Find slow leaks by dropping food coloring in tanks. If the bowl takes color without a flush, there’s a leak.

3. Check interior faucets

Drips from sink and tub faucets, and showerheads, are easy to spot but often ignored. Repair or replace worn parts to curb water-wasting drips. 

4. Look outside

Outside hose or irrigation system leaks are often unnoticed. Check for drips and moist ground during dry weather to find preventable leaks.

5. Get smart water control

A smart water valve will detect virtually all leaks and automatically shut them off. While the primary function is to prevent property damage, it has the added benefit of flagging hidden leaks to save natural resources and money on water bills.

About FloLogic

Founded in 1996, FloLogic is a smart water control company that enables home and business owners to reduce or eliminate the economic and personal losses associated with plumbing failures and leaks. Plumbing related property damage costs the insurance industry billions of dollars each year and is the single most preventable homeowner claim. For more information, visit


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