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Service Vans/Fleet Management
Telematics system improves company dispatch

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Telematics system helps guarantee products are transported safely and on time

Problem: Tracking trucks and managing field ticketing processes proved to be a challenge for Rick’s Oilfield Hauling of Alberta, Canada. To remain competitive, Rick’s looked for a GPS tracking solution that offered additional functionality.

Solution: The AssetWorks Field Service Solution offers GPS/telematics and paperless field tickets, along with other features for optimizing fleet management operations. Vehicle tracking through GPS/telematics enables staff to view the current location of all vehicles in the fleet on a real-time map. The paperless field-ticketing system processes electronically managed field tickets and work orders.

Result: “I used to spend hours on the phone trying to locate my drivers, but now I can immediately see where my trucks are, and see how close they are to site rather than just randomly guessing,” says Lee Plant, general manager of Rick’s Oilfield Hauling. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, and as soon as jobs are completed in FSS, they are uploaded into the accounting system for billing in near real time. “I keep more trucks busy on the road using AssetWorks, and I can keep trucks loaded both ways. I can plan the entire day to maintain efficient operations and service my customers in real time,” Plant says. 403/705-3880;

GPS tracking program monitors location and fuel usage

Problem: Plumbing Medic in Gilbert, Arizona, began researching GPS fleet tracking because with drivers spread across Gilbert the company needed a technology that would help locate drivers between jobs. “Our vehicles carry expensive equipment and parts, so it is important for us to know their whereabouts at all times,” says Tami Gurka, dispatcher for Plumbing Medic. The company also needed to monitor fuel usage, when and where technicians were filling up, and how many miles were driven between fueling to ensure all purchases were legitimate.

Solution: With the use of GPS Insight’s Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solution, Plumbing Medic visibly knows where technicians are and how long it will take to get to their next job.

Result: Having the ability to locate any vehicle’s location in real time has provided greater control of the expensive equipment and parts in the field. By integrating its WEX fuel card data into GPS Insight’s platform, Plumbing Medic can monitor transactions to prevent fraudulent purchases. Plumbing Medic also uses GPS Insight to simplify dispatching. “On average, I would make 150 calls per day and now I make virtually no calls because most communication is done via text messages through GPS Insight,” Gurka says. 866/477-4321;

Service truck makes easy work of sewer blockage

Problem: A large residential apartment complex in the Philadelphia Metro area was experiencing a major sewage backup. Raw sewage was flowing from an outside clean-out and pooling into the parking lot. Tenants were pressuring the management company for a quick solution.

Solution: Zoom Drain & Sewer Service arrived quickly with its Hackney Zoom Jetting Truck. Upon arrival, the service technician was able to clear the blockage within an hour. The organization and utility of the unit allowed the technician quick access to everything needed. The unit not only has a powerful jetter, but the space to house four to five additional drain cleaning machines and video inspection equipment.

Result: Residents were relieved at the quick restoration of their utilities, and the property management company was happy for the speed with which the technician was able to diagnose and provide the proper solution to get the line open. The streamlined setup of the truck combined with the strength of the jetter enabled the Zoom Drain technician to easily complete the job. 252/946-6521;

Tracking solution saves wear and tear on plumbing company fleet

Problem: Ross Wexler, IT manager for Sam Wexler Plumbing of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sought an alternative for his drivers who would rely on map books of the Greater Philadelphia area to get from job to job. Back at the main office, dispatchers would consult a map of their own — a large one tacked up on the wall — to decide which plumber in the field should handle which service call.

Solution: The company began using the SkyBitz Local Fleets tracking solution to manage its fleet of service vehicles. By using a tamper-proof communicator that’s about the size of a credit card (and can be installed with or without the driver’s knowledge), SkyBitz Local Fleets provides GPS tracking capabilities. “Before, it was all just a guessing game,” says Wexler. “Sometimes it was based on employees’ recall of ZIP codes and where those were located. Compared to when we didn’t have a system, it was surprising to see how much the trucks were being used when they shouldn’t be.” In addition, the software sends out maintenance reminders tailored to the vehicle make and model. The tracker activates whenever the vehicle is turned on, monitoring idle time.

Result: Wexler has SkyBitz Local Fleets installed in 17 company trucks. With a sizeable service area — about a 25-mile radius of Philadelphia — efficient routing provides major cost savings in the form of fewer trips to the fuel pump, fewer miles on the vehicle fleet and fewer man-hours. The system also enables drivers to quickly respond to service calls, especially emergency situations. “We’re saving thousands every month,” Wexler says. “Between gas usage, wear and tear on vehicles, and employee hours, it’s been a huge difference.” 888/760-4477;

Drain cleaner uses magnets to promote services

Problem: James Bouie, owner of Sewer Dewer Drain Cleaning of Plainfield, New Jersey, had seen his business blossom the first three years, but decline the last two, especially repeat business. Bouie had a nice website and Yellow Page ad, but it was obvious customers were not recalling his name and number.

Solution: Bouie found the Stamp Works booth at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show handing out small magnets that looked just like his vans. He decided this was a way to keep his phone number in front of his customers, 24/7.

Result: The investment was small compared to the return. Bouie was amazed at how much his customers wanted to receive and post his magnet. He canceled his Yellow Page ad and ordered more magnets. 800/758-2743;

Telematics system improves company dispatch

Problem: Dispatchers at Tiger Services, which provides sales, service and installation to residential customers throughout the East St. Louis, Illinois, metropolitan area, were guessing where the company’s service technicians were at any given time. Todd Kiefer, the company’s general manager, was committed to improving the dispatching process. “We wanted to give our office staff and the techs a tool that would help respond to customers who said we did not show up, or were late in arriving,” he says. “We knew we weren’t always sending the closest tech, or that techs were going out of their way to come back to our warehouse for parts.” Tiger Services also wanted to move away from the inefficiency of dispatching jobs via calls and texts, since it required drivers to either use a hands-free system or pull over and use their mobile phones to get information on their next job.

Solution: The TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET solution and its integration with ServiceTitan provide Tiger Services with complete visibility into where its vehicles are and what its technicians are doing. Dispatchers are also able to send jobs directly to the TomTom device in the vehicle.

Result: “We’ve moved to a much more efficient workflow throughout the day,” Kiefer says. “We’re now able to dispatch techs within 10 miles of their last job, cutting way down on travel time and fitting in more jobs.” Kiefer estimates techs are able to complete two to three more jobs every day. The company has also gone from 12 to 28 vehicles to meet the demands of its growing business. 866/459-3499;

GPS tracking helps company keep track of assets

Problem: James Hillis, owner of A Royal Flush, a plumbing and septic company, often places his equipment and trucks working larger plumbing jobs on location overnight with little or no patrolling. A secure solution was needed.

Solution: Hillis saw US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS as a possible answer. Not only could he place a tracker on all his equipment — portable restrooms, vehicles and septic trucks — but also establish geofences. He liked the way the live GPS tracking software allows for easy access to his account on any platform or device. He can immediately pull up his entire fleet, or zero in on a specific device. With alerts, he’s notified when the geofenced area is entered or departed from without authorization.

Result: Hillis received a call from an employee reporting one of the company’s trucks was missing. Using his phone, Hillis was able to locate the truck. Within 20 minutes, his team retrieved the vehicle, fully intact. The sheriff deputy’s office used the Historical Playback feature on the account to trace the truck’s path and apprehend the thief. Hillis did not have any alerts set previously, but now he does. “Live tracking is a great asset for me. The real kicker is the geofences and alerts, so I’m completely freed up,” he says. “The entire solution works like another employee for us, and I’m real pleased with it!” 405/726-9900;



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