Product Focus - December 2019

Aqua-Rex WK1

The WK1 from Aqua-Rex is designed to keep scale out of water heaters. When it is retrofitted to an older property, it also effectively clears out the old scale from the heater and general plumbing system. It is designed to take care of the whole house, including showerheads, faucets and work surfaces. It also delivers partially softened hot water, equivalent to a water softener, so washing hair and doing the laundry becomes easier. It only takes about 10 minutes to install, and it never needs any maintenance or servicing. 877-640-2170;

AquaMotion Aqua-Shield

The Aqua-Shield from AquaMotion is a water-saving hot-water recirculation pump/system for outdoor installed tankless heaters without a built-in pump. Its built-in timer and sensor are fully automatic and work with one pipe and dedicated return line systems, On Call (OnDemand) and undersink Aqua-Flash bypass valves. It includes a tamper-proof protective, lockable housing against rain, sprinkler spray, humidity and freeze. It provides hot-water comfort when needed while saving 7,500 to 15,000 gallons of water annually. 401-785-3000;

Aquaworx by Infiltrator IPC Panel with Tapper

The Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) Panel from Aquaworx by Infiltrator is available with the Tapper Wi-Fi connection for programming and monitoring. It innovates pump system performance by leveraging simple pressure transducer technology. The Tapper enables the user to program and monitor multiple IPC pump-driven systems remotely via a standard wireless connection to an enabled mobile phone, tablet or computer. The Tapper also includes a USB slot for capturing and downloading system events and settings onto a removable USB memory device providing the operator with a history of system function critical to troubleshooting and maintaining a pump-driven system. The easy-to-install panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, logs events in real-time and calculates daily system flow via an embedded microprocessor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber. 800-221-4436;

Bradford White Water Heaters AeroTherm

AeroTherm heat-pump water heaters Bradford White Water Heaters are Energy Star certified for year-round savings and provides four operating modes (Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric and Vacation) so customers have more control than ever. They offer Vitraglas corrosion protection and qualify for many state and local utility rebates and tax credits. They are designed with top connections for easy installation. They can also be fully repaired in the field (both sealed system and electrical). 215-641-9400;

Dallas Specialty Green Hi-Temperature and Chemical Couplings

Dallas Specialty Green Hi-Temperature and Chemical Couplings provide a solution for laboratory, food and drug, medical, testing, research and pharmaceutical facilities, where temperatures up to 212 degrees F exist or chemicals are present. They are flexible enough to provide connections for various types of piping systems such as stainless pipe, copper, Duriron, IPEX, Kimax glass piping systems, and many other chemical piping systems. They are easy to install with high-torque clamps and banding, providing a strong, tight connection. They are available in numerous sizes from 1 1/4 to 12 inches IPS, accommodating most standard piping connections. They will handle acids and many harsh chemicals and are resistant to hydrochloric, acetic, nitric and sulfuric acids. It is advised to reference the chemical resistance chart for compatibility prior to installation. 800-222-5644;

Den Hartog Industries AST-0300-1R, AST-0500-1R and AST-0750-1R

The AST-0300-1R, AST-0500-1R and AST-0750-1R pump tanks from Den Hartog Industries are cost-effective, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to the company’s original septic tank line. They are the same strength and quality and are built from the same mold — but they are manufactured using reclaimed polyethylene. They offer up to a 30% cost savings on traditional tanks and can serve as a direct replacement for expanding existing or for future septic product installations. 712-752-8432;

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Hydrostatic Tester

The Hydrostatic Tester from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems allows the user to test for leaks and verify performance. They can choose between a 6.5 hp Kohler or Honda gasoline engine with low oil alert and recoil start. This unit has an adjustable heavy-duty aluminum pressure regulator with water dump feature, liquid-filled pressure gauge with 10 feet of suction/bypass and discharge hose. These units are suitable for contractors and rental shops for test pumps due to a rugged and dependable design. Custom units are available. The unit has a simple design for ease of use and maintenance. The hydrostatic pump in the tester has a 550 rpm diaphragm pump and gearbox drive delivering 10 gpm at 600 psi. 800-315-5533; .

Electric Eel eCAM Ace 2 SL

The eCAM Ace 2 SL from Electric Eel has a self-leveling color camera, one-touch USB recording, on-screen footage counter, wheel kit for easy transport and maneuverability, rugged stainless steel-housed 1.68-inch color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring and high-resolution charge-coupled device element (optional self-leveling color camera available), 200 feet of braided fiberglass premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod, and an industry-standard 512 Hz sonde. Additional features include a 5.4-inch LCD monitor with AR film for optimal viewing in sunlight that’s encased in an anodized aluminum housing mounted to the reel, a protective acrylic anti-glare monitor shield, a heavy-duty screen cover that closes to protect the monitor when in transit or storage and that flips up to act as a sun shield for viewing in bright sunlight, a video output jack for recording option, flexible camera spring to navigate 3-inch P-traps, a rugged and portable powder-coated steel frame, secure-locking reel brake and centering skid. 800-833-1212;

Enz USA Golden Jet 10.060A/B/CTR turbine nozzle

With operating flows as low as 8 gpm at 2,000 psi, the Golden Jet 10.060A/B/CTR turbine nozzle from Enz USA is a powerful cleaning tool. The turbine design allows for lower flow and less water usage while maintaining high torque for effective pipe cleaning in lines ranging from 2.5 to 8 inches. Because of its sealed bearings, this nozzle can be operated with both clean and recycled water while being relatively maintenance-free. This compact, efficient nozzle is a powerful root remover and is suitable for use on grease, solids, mineral deposits, concrete and grout. Its complete kit provides a selection of precut chains, skids and two head styles. 877-362-8721;

FloLogic System

FloLogic Systems offer real-time leak detecting abilities beginning at .5 ounces of water flow per minute. When a leak is detected, the water is shut off automatically and the users receive an alert through a smartphone app. The FloLogic CONNECT module also features a thermometer, allowing low room-temperature alerts and automatic water shut-offs. 877-356-5644;

Fluidmaster PRO45H Pro Fill Valve

The PRO45H Pro Fill Valve from Fluidmaster controls both tank and bowl water levels with a dial for maximum water control, offering the ability to fine-tune water levels to perfection. It is suitable for high water-pressure homes and properties. It can withstand up to 120 psi and adjusts from 9- to 14-inches for increased customization. It is also extremely quiet and reduces water hammer, so much so that customers will not even know their toilet bowl is filling up. It services all toilet types, is easy to install and is self-cleaning. 949-728-2207;

General Pipe Cleaners  Kinetic Water Ram

The Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring quickly and cleanly clears clogged drains with green power. Just pump it up, insert in the drain and snap the trigger. It’s that quick. The environmentally safe tool uses compressed air to generate a shock wave that pulverizes the stoppage instantly. The shock wave bypasses vents and goes around bends to reach the stoppage with only 2% loss of power. The built-in pump and pressure gauge let the operator select the right amount of force for each job. The lightweight, compact tool is cleaner than snakes, safer than chemicals and uses no electrical power or carbon dioxide. An optional toilet attachment screws onto the front to turn it into a powerful plunger. 800-245-6200;

HoldRite (RWC) TestRite DWV Testing System

The HoldRite (RWC) TestRite DWV Testing System only requires one tool and tests in minutes, with no hoses, compressors, gauges or wrenches necessary. The system can be filled conventionally from above or a hose can be attached to the optional 3/4-inch valve at the point of the test stem. Triple-seal protection provides for a dry, safe environment, allowing plumbers to work more efficiently and stay dry themselves. Designed with versatility in mind, it can be installed in no-hub cast iron, ABS and PVC pipe systems in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. 800-321-0316;

LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment Plumbers Leak Detection Kit

The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment helps find all leaks and reduce water waste by stopping the leaks. It includes modern listening devices built to accurately identify exactly where leaks occur, in a noninvasive fashion, so repair can be effective and repair costs can be minimized. Whether under concrete and soil, in walls, behind cabinetry, or under floors and foundations, pipes and plumbing make an audible sound when they leak. The kit includes equipment designed to hear that leak in every situation. 818-436-2953;

Mansfield Plumbing Products QuantumOne

The QuantumOne pressure-assist toilet from Mansfield Plumbing Products provides commercial-grade power for bathrooms with heavy traffic. The Flushmate pressure-assist flushing system uses compressed air to blast water through the bowl, delivering a quicker, more effective flush. It only uses 1.0 gallon of water with every flush, saving water and money without sacrificing performance. Its PuraClean easy-to-clean glaze creates an ultraslick surface inside the toilet bowl so debris won’t collect. 877-850-3060;

Niagara Conservation Nano

The Nano 0.5/0.8 gallons per flush dual-flush elongated toilet from Niagara Conservation is WaterSense certified. Utilizing vacuum-assist stealth technology, it averages only 0.6 gpf. Its dual-flush technology allows users to select either 0.5 or 0.8 gpf with the same power as the industry standard 1.6 gpf. In addition to saving water, its flapperless Stealth Technology delivers a powerful flush, preventing clogging and leaking and eliminating the need to flush more than once. A 400A fill valve is fully submerged, canceling out the noise typically produced by a standard toilet. Its compact, elongated bowl provides maximum comfort, while it’s designed to fit in small spaces. 800-831-8383; .

Norweco Singulair R3

The Singulair R3 water reuse system from Norweco is designed to reduce water consumption, reuse treated effluent and recycle water to conserve and recharge water resources. It provides a solution to chronic water shortages and reduces energy costs associated with water and wastewater treatment. According to the manufacturer, the system quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all incoming wastewater to a high level for restricted indoor and unrestricted outdoor use. The system exceeds effluent requirements of NSF/ANSI Standards 40, 245 and 350 and qualifies for Green Building credits under both the LEED rating system and the National Association of Home Builders ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. 800-667-9326;

Pipe Lining Supply eco-friendly resins

Eco-friendly resins used in both cured-in-place pipe lining and AIPPR coating processes from Pipe Lining Supply offer an environmentally friendly system to rehabilitate sewer drain, waste and vent piping. The resins include the PLSQP-100 epoxy resins and the PLSQC-100 polyurea resin system. 800-354-6464;

RIDGID SeeSnake cameras with TruSense

Connecting to RIDGID SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi-enabled monitors, TruSense conveys valuable information about the in-pipe environment, eliminating common challenges faced by diagnostic professionals. For example, the high dynamic range image sensor expands the camera’s dynamic range, allowing a greater ratio of bright and dark areas to be displayed in the same image at the same time. This means fewer blown-out areas and sections of pipe that are too dark to see. In addition, the cameras let you choose between fixed or self-leveling camera options. TruSense also includes an integrated TiltSense feature that reports back the pitch of the camera in-pipe. This on-camera inclinometer helps contractors accurately identify and diagnose problems underground. 800-474-3443;

Rinnai America SE+ Series

If a home does not have a dedicated return line, Rinnai America’s SE+ Series featuring ThermaCirc360 technology can offer faster hot water without the expense of adding an additional line. This technology allows for the simple installation of a thermal bypass valve at the fixture farthest away from the water heater. Once installed properly, the unit temporarily uses the cold-water line for recirculation. Now you can have hot water faster when you need it. 800-621-9419;

SharkBite (RWC) EvoPEX system

The SharkBite (RWC) EvoPEX system is a push-to-connect plumbing solution for new or retrofit residential construction. It allows installers to plumb an entire structure without the need for special tools, crimping, glue or solder, improving job site efficiency and reducing the risk of installation errors. Designed as a PEX pipe system, it extends beyond traditional pipe-and-fitting solutions to include fittings, PEX pipe, outlet boxes, valves and other accessories needed to install a complete potable water plumbing system from meter to fixture. 877-700-4242;

StreamLabs Control

The StreamLabs Control stays one step ahead of leaks, providing homeowners with constant leak protection and automatic valve shut-off functionality. The device can turn off the user’s water remotely via an app and offers automatic emergency shut-off in the event of a leak. It uses ultrasonic technology and advanced sensors to measure water flow rate, pressure and temperature. Along with providing real-time notifications, status alerts and freeze warnings, it also analyzes water usage data to show homeowners where they are using the most water over time. With an Alexa integration option, the unit offers home and away modes, as well as Smart Alerts that detect water usage patterns and introduce leak notifications based on the homeowner’s usage. The unit protects the entire home from costly water damage, giving homeowners complete control of their water from anywhere. 770-863-4083; .

Superior Signal 5E Electric Smoker

The 5E Electric Smoker from Superior Signal offers a cost-effective and green solution to find difficult leaks and odors in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Connect the blower to any plumbing clean-out or vent, with the appropriate size smoke candle to force smoke through faults and cracks, easily identifying sources of odor and hard-to-find leaks. Smoke candles produce a highly visible, nontoxic smoke and are completely biodegradable. They are manufactured with zero-waste stream and include labels printed with vegetable-based ink on recycled paper as well as biodegradable, recycled paperboard tubes. The unit does not generate any harmful exhaust gases and handles all residential and commercial smoke testing applications. Smoke tests take just minutes to perform and see immediate results. The unit comes with an 8-foot industrial-grade flex hose, weighs just 8 pounds and requires no maintenance. 800-945-8378;


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