Plumber’s Top 10 Articles of 2020

Plumber’s Top 10 Articles of 2020

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As the year comes to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up.

10. Ohio Plumber Finds Continued Success as a One-Person Shop
In October, we caught up with Linda Hudek, who was last featured in Plumber magazine in 2018. In the time since, she has made some improvements to her business while still staying true to what has consistently brought her success the past decade.

9. Plumbing Code’s Ban of CIPP in Cast Iron Pipe Reversed
In March, we reported how NASSCO and other industry representatives had finally been successful in their advocacy for the removal of language in the Uniform Plumbing Code that banned the use of CIPP in cast iron pipe.

8. Adding Septic Pumping to Your Service Offerings
Some plumbers like to stay focused on a specific service niche. Others like to diversify. In this article, three plumbing contractors discussed their experiences getting involved in the septic pumping game.

7. Give Your Customers Boiler and Water Heater Peace of Mind
This article, which ran in early November, is still particularly relevant if you missed it the first time around. In winter, customers are going to want to make sure their boilers and water heaters won’t fail them soon. This article provided some maintenance tips to keep in mind for your service calls.

6. Remembering the Difference Plumbers Can Make in People’s Lives
In this article, regular contributor Anja Smith recounted a personal story showing the type of impact plumbers can have on their customers simply by doing their usual, daily work. The day-to-day grind can get you down at any time, but it’s particularly important to be reminded of stories like these in 2020.

5. Legionella a Risk in Idle Water Systems Produced by Quarantine
With businesses’ water systems idle for long stretches of time during the pandemic, it was an opportunity to bring awareness to the risk of Legionella bacteria.

4. Plastic Pipe Misconceptions That Can Cause Job Site Problems
According to responses to a quiz created by a manufacturer, there are a fair number of plumbers who aren’t fully knowledgeable about certain issues pertaining to pipe materials like CPVC and PEX. This article attempted to fill some of those knowledge gaps.

3. Selling the Plumbing Trade to a Young Generation Focused on College
As the industry continues to lose the older members of its workforce, and the skills gap widens, it’s imperative for companies to be proactive about their recruitment efforts. Regular contributor Anthony Pacilla made the case in this article.

2. Wipes, Paper Towels Threaten to Clog Sewer Systems Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic
One of the first pieces of plumbing-related pandemic news back in March was the havoc wipes and paper towels were wreaking on plumbing systems, partly due to toilet paper shortages at the time.

1. Don’t Neglect Tool Maintenance
A simple and timeless message for our most-read story of 2020. When you’re swept up in a busy workday, it can be easy to let tool maintenance fall by the wayside. But it’s well worth keeping it a priority.


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