Rolling Billboard: Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage

Rolling Billboard: Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage

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Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Preston Pilgrim, owner of Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage in Surrey, British Columbia, believes that the plumbing truck or van is a storefront. You need your truck to look professional and clean and customers respect a company that is willing to invest in their business and take notice when they see a beautifully wrapped Mercedes van parked in the driveway compared to those who pull up in a nonbranded rust bucket. That’s why Preston has both of his company’s 2020 Mercedes Sprint 170 vans covered in full wraps — one van for himself and one for his brother. The decision to go with the Sprint 170 was an easy one. The longest Mercedes vans on the market provide extra length and height to help them keep the truck stocked with every piece of equipment and inventory needed, while keeping it nice and organized. That, in turn, helps with efficiency as they make fewer runs to get supplies during the day. Both vans are also diesel, which Preston says is a little more fuel-efficient than gas, providing the company some savings. The wrap was done by Wrap Guys ( in Surrey. Preston and his brother custom-built wood shelving in the back of the truck. This option was cheaper, and it allowed them to customize the shelving for their specific needs. The company does a lot of drain cleaning, so they had to make sure the shelving and truck had room for multiple drain cleaning machines, jetters and cables, plus plumbing inventory stock. For more information on Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage, go to 


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