From PEX Piping to a ’55 Chevy Work Truck: The Top 10 Stories of 2016

From PEX Piping to a ’55 Chevy Work Truck: The Top 10 Stories of 2016

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Here’s a collection of the most-read stories on over the past year. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up with this look back at 2016.

10. On the Job: Plumbers Strike Gold
Who stashes $50,000 worth of gold under their Jacuzzi? That’s what two Canadian plumbers were wondering in March after uncovering a cellphone-sized brick of gold while renovating a bathroom.

9. Indiana Plumber Survives Trench Collapse
A 32-year-old plumber in Indianapolis was lucky in June when he survived a trench collapse while repairing a sewer line 7 feet deep.

8. On the Job: Hot Tip Saves Toilet Removal
When a Florida plumber tried retrieving plastic toys a customer’s young daughter tossed down the toilet using a closet auger, he had little luck. So he heated the auger head with a torch and his fortunes changed.

7. All-Women Plumbing Company Teaches Female Homeowners How to Make Minor Repairs
In May, an all-women plumbing outfit in Nova Scotia began offering courses to female homeowners on fixing common plumbing issues so that they don’t always have to rely on professionals — especially for minor problems.

6. Cool Plumbing Trucks: Field Find Becomes Everyday Driver
A California plumber found a 1955 3/4-ton Chevy rusting away in an orange grove. He decided to restore it with a vintage plumber’s body and period-correct paint to turn it into his regular work truck.

5. Like My Father Before Me, I’m a Working (Wo)man
For a little over a year, Anja Smith, managing partner for All Clear Plumbing in Greenville, South Carolina, has been a regular contributor to Plumber. In one of her first columns, she discussed why it’s vital for the plumbing industry to move beyond sexism.

4. PEX 101: Everything You Need to Know About Flexible Plastic Piping
PEX pipe has gradually been growing in use over the last decade to take a prominent place among plumbing mainstays like copper and CPVC.

3. Has the ‘Potty Plumber’ Gone Too Far?
In August, a photo of Canadian plumber Nick Huckson in his work truck made the rounds on the internet, even receiving some attention on NBC’s Today Show. The graphics on the truck body make it appear as if Huckson is driving with his pants down, which brings up the issue of self-deprecating plumber humor in marketing efforts. Is there a point when it becomes unprofessional?

2. Making the Connection With PEX: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Another PEX related article was among the most-read in 2016, showing how the pipe material continues to grow in use among plumbers.

1. Family Discovers Plumber Never Connected Sewer
In April, an Oregon family found sewage backing up in a downstairs shower, and shortly thereafter discovered that they had never been hooked up to the municipal sewer system following a major upgrade in 1989.


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