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If you're in the plumbing business, staying organized is vital. Here are some tips to help your small business stay on track.

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You’re in business to make money. You earn a profit on each foot of drain you clean and every mile of pipe you inspect. Whether you rely on office personnel or a mobile office in your work rig to keep you on the ball, staying organized is vital.

Easy access to invoices and customer data, along with fleet and routing information, can increase productivity and make your business more successful. 

You can streamline billing, fleet management and routing with software that creates invoices and service reminders, and tracks trucks and generates easy-to-read maps and directions. Data from these programs allows you to evaluate where to focus your business-building energy. If invoicing is under control and current customers are happy, perhaps you could focus your attention on a new marketing program to build your client base.   

These programs can help you manage disposal costs and revenue, and capture fuel and overall vehicle costs to see where you’re losing money and where you can increase revenue. 

How much do I owe?
One-touch billing technology and invoice management programs keep you organized and allow you to check service history and work orders as technicians enter them. The technology safeguards your business from incorrect billing and holds your staff accountable whether technicians swipe credit cards in the field or process them back at the office. 

In addition, customers appreciate the convenience of instant billing and notifications via email or text message that the job was completed on time and on budget. 

Controlling the convoy
There are many software packages on the market today to help companies with fleets of all sizes, and vehicle tracking programs guarantee you know the location of all your service trucks at all times. 

“Fleet management systems really have seen rapid adoption in the past few years,” says Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq. “A lot of what we’re focused on is helping people increase the revenue of their business. We’re trying to get people to efficiently go where they’re supposed to go and only go where they’re supposed to go.” 

Managing your transportation fleet can also increase productivity. For instance, a driver is on his way back from the field when you receive a last-minute service call located near the driver’s route. Rather than sending out another technician from the shop, you can locate the driver and redirect him to the job. You’ve saved time, money and resources because you didn’t have to send another driver.  

Another bonus? Fleet management software can track engine idling, which drives up fuel consumption and adds unnecessary hours to a truck’s engine. 

Whether you’re looking for all-in-one operational software to track your service trucks, access dispatch schedules or monitor fuel efficiency, there’s a program to meet your needs.

Ask for directions
Routing software helps you optimize route times, minimize downtime from lost drivers, and ensure workers are on time. Give drivers portable navigation so they can quickly and easily find every job. No need to bother with outdated paper maps — digital is the way to go. And more efficient drivers means a more profitable business. 


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