Business-Coaching Group Amps Up Company’s Growth

Jolly Plumbing credits the Nexstar Network as a major factor in the significant growth the company has realized in recent years

Business-Coaching Group Amps Up Company’s Growth

Brady Jolly (right), owner of Jolly Plumbing, and his father, Barry Jolly, the company's original founder.

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When Brady Jolly took over the management of Jolly Plumbing in 2014, the company — based in Wilder, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati — generated a little more than $2 million in gross revenue. This year the 30-year-old entrepreneur expects revenue to reach $14 million.

How does a company achieve that kind of growth? Jolly gives a lot of credit to his father, Barry Jolly, who founded the company in 1979 and was an invaluable mentor. Expanding the company’s services also helped.

But Jolly also credits the Nexstar Network, a business development, training and coaching organization with more than 800 members in the residential services industry.

“I definitely made a whole bunch of mistakes in the first three or four years after I bought the company,” Jolly says. “A lot of what I learned was trial by fire. Then we joined Nexstar about three years ago. They’ve been huge in terms of showing us other ways of doing things, rather than just doing things because that’s the way we’ve always done them. Nexstar was instrumental in helping us develop sound processes for our plumbing business as well as launch our heating and air business.”

Based on Nexstar training and recommendations, the company switched to an upfront pricing model about three years ago, which provides customers with price transparency.

“Nexstar helped us build a price book for flat-rate pricing,” Jolly says. “Since then, we’ve had far fewer price complaints. We also raised our price a little bit, but we didn’t have many complaints because customers know the price up front.”

Nexstar also provides valuable networking opportunities with fellow members. For example, advice from other contractors led the company to establish a formal process for handling potential leads for larger jobs that plumbing and drain technicians can’t handle, Jolly says.

Before, if drain technicians found a larger problem while cleaning a drain — think broken sewer line, for example — there wasn’t a good process for getting that job lead to an estimator.

“The process had a lot of holes in it and wasn’t managed very well at the time,” Jolly says. “But we implemented a process we learned from Nexstar members, which has very much been a factor in driving revenue and profit increases.”

The company’s Jolly Home Plan, a customer service retention program that gives customers a full slate of value-added benefits for a $14.99-a-month membership fee, also came from a Nexstar peer, he says.

In addition, Nexstar members get discounts and rebates when they purchase products and services from selected vendors; Jolly says the rebates the company earned last year almost paid for the annual Nexstar fee.

“So many good things in our business have come from people at Nexstar,” he says. “They’ve been tremendous business partners.”

Read more about Jolly Plumbing in the June 2022 issue of Plumber magazine.


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