Model 88 Sectional Drain Cleaner Saves Graduation Party

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Model 88 Sectional Drain Cleaner Saves Graduation Party

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The grease-choked 120-foot main drainline of a large Philadelphia Chinese restaurant suddenly backed up. And the stoppage threatened to derail a major graduation party with hundreds of guests.

That’s when Just Drains LLC rode to the rescue with a Model 88 sectional drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners.

“A competitor told the restaurant owners to close for repairs — and to cancel the event,” recalls Michael Williams, owner of Just Drains. “But I knew that closure, even a temporary one, might be disastrous to any business. And I wouldn’t accept that.”

That’s because Just Drains always works hard to accommodate their customers.

“You stop the flow, you stop the dough,” Williams says. “Respecting the needs of our business customers is a big reason why we remain the No. 1 drain cleaning company in Philadelphia.”

With six expert crews, Just Drains serves most of southeastern Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Harrisburg. So having tough, trustworthy equipment, Williams notes, remains critical to his company’s reputation.

Equipment and expertise count
From experience, Williams also knew that grease clogs can get “as hard as chalk.”

“That’s why you need a strong, reliable drain cleaner with lots of torque,” he says. “And our three Model 88s are perfect for cutting through those kinds of stoppages.”

The Model 88 sports a powerful 3/4 hp motor driving a 3.5 to 1 ratio gear head — giving the machine plenty of power to handle the most difficult jobs. It also has a longer frame to protect the drive coupling, and a larger front caster wheel for easier handling.

“Companies like ours want a machine that’s going to tackle tough jobs like roots,” Williams says. “The Model 88 is reliable, has plenty of torque and is very rugged.”

Party on
Just Drains’ Model 88 got the drain running free and clear quickly. And the graduation party went on without a hitch.

“We get you open day or night,” Williams says. “It’s never too late for the Model 88.”

The restaurant owners were so pleased, in fact, that they awarded Just Drains the maintenance contract for all 36 of their restaurants.

“Satisfied customers: the best advertising any business can have,” Williams says. “The great Model 88 gives customers miles of smiles.”

Reliable performance
It’s easy to use, too.

In fact, using General’s machine is almost like running a lawn mower. Simply push an 8- or 10-foot cable section into the line until you reach some resistance. Then attach the rear cable coupling to the Model 88, stand behind it and turn it on.

The cable section feeds itself into the line. When a section has run into the drain, attach another one and keep going until the clog is cleared. This self-feeding feature also works to pull sections out of the line.

Williams likes sectional cables. “With a sectional machine, you bring what cable you need — not more than you need.”

The Model 88 spins 8 or 10-foot quick-coupling cable sections at distances of 200 feet or more. The cables self-feed, while the operator stands safely behind the machine as cables screw into the line.

For extra strength, General offers either chain or spring center cables. The chain combines strength and flexibility, while the inner spring can handle greater torque on long, difficult jobs. General's patented no-wrench cable drive coupler enables operators to attach cables faster.

The bottom line
Williams trusts General Pipe Cleaners to retain his robust reputation.

“I’m coming in to get your line open,” he says. “And with the Model 88, clogs don’t stand a chance.”

“General equipment is durable — and takes a beating. We use our General tools 24/7, 365 days a year and they don’t fail us.” 


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