Year in Review: The Most-Read Articles of 2018

Year in Review: The Most-Read Articles of 2018

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As the year comes to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2018.

10. Smart Water Technology Provides Growth Opportunity
Home automation is a growing trend and that includes plumbing systems. It could also be an untapped area of potential for your business, as this article discussed.

9. Company’s Solution to Skilled Worker Deficit? Create Its Own
A full profile on Jay’s Plumbing & Sewer of Downers Grove, Illinois, was featured in the first issue of the year. This additional online-only story looked at the approach the company takes to get skilled employees.

8. Top Tools for Cutting and Fitting Pipes
This article provided a rundown of the best tools and fittings for common piping materials.

7. 5 Words Every Plumbing Contractor Should Know
James Terry submitted this article that looked at his career in the industry and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

6. 5 Things to Avoid When Selling Customers on Your Services
Plumbing work is the core of your business, but sales is the necessary evil you need to embrace in order to keep getting that work. This article covered some strategies for making that aspect of your business more enjoyable and effective.

5. Confessions of a Flat-Rate Pricing Convert
No matter where you land in the debate over flat-rate pricing versus time-and-materials pricing, there’s a lesson to be learned in the story regular contributor Anja Smith shared in this article. 

4. 10 Phrases to Avoid When Dealing With Customers
In the midst of a busy workday, it can be easy to say something to a customer you later wish you could take back. In this article, Jeff Mowatt, a customer service strategist, provided a list of phrases that can lead to poor customer interactions.

3. Choosing a Thermal Imager That Fits Your Needs
Thermal imagers are ideal for diagnosing unseen problems, especially when it would be best to avoid interrupting a building’s mechanical systems. This article provided an overview of features, benefits and applications of thermal imagers.

2. How New Construction Is Changing Society’s View of Service Plumbers
In this article, Anthony Pacilla, a master plumber and new regular contributor in 2018, looked at how cheaper building methods have hurt the plumbers ultimately called upon to make repairs.

1. Tips For Handling Water Heater Expansion Tank Troubles
Anthony Pacilla also took the top spot in 2018. This article was one of his “Now What?” features, where he set up a scenario and used his real-life experiences to provide some problem-solving advice.


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