How Does Your Business Name Reflect Your Plumbing Service Offerings?

As Jeff Matthews shows, just the name of your company can provide customers comfort in the type of service they’ll receive

How Does Your Business Name Reflect Your Plumbing Service Offerings?

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Jeff Matthews thought carefully before settling on Precision Plumbers as the name for the business he launched in 2009 in Temperanceville, Virginia.

“It was about taking more care in our work, having more integrity in what we do,” Matthews says. “We guarantee our work, and have one of the best warranties in the area. We keep our trucks and our tools and our uniforms in great shape. ‘Precision’ is about our overall package, about the company offering a more precise package of service.”

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a popular choice.

“That must be the best name ever. I found out there are about a million other Precision Plumbers around the country,” Matthews says. “There are probably 150 Precision Plumbers in Virginia alone.” 

To dispel the confusion some, Matthews decided to fine-tune his company name a bit, adding “Contracting Services” to the official title. Along with that came increased service options for customers. It was a natural extension because Matthews began trades work as a carpenter and worked his way through bathroom remodeling and contracting government jobs before settling in as a residential plumber.

The young company began taking on whatever project seemed a fit, including painting finished walls. A mantra among Matthews and his crew is “do whatever it takes.” It helped the company get off to a good start, though it has since backed off from the carpentry and today is focused squarely on plumbing services.

“We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary,” Matthews says. “It’s been quite a journey.”  

Read more about Precision Plumbing & Contracting Services in this full profile featured in the February 2019 issue of Plumber magazine. 


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