Product Focus - January 2021

Product Focus - January 2021

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Bosch Thermotechnology Greenstar

The Greenstar from Bosch Thermotechnology is built using precision German engineering that includes its heat exchanger and control systems. It offers reliable, ultraquiet operation, fast, easy installation and very low maintenance costs. The intelligent digital control systems allow for precise boiler control using indoor and/or outdoor temperature sensing, as well as options for controlling domestic hot water. The largest model provides ideal comfort for almost any home, and can run two standard showers simultaneously. In addition, it includes a highly efficient 95% AFUE aluminum silicon heat exchanger, which makes the boiler eligible for savings up to 75% in federal, state and local credits. Visit to find the available efficiency rebates in your area. 800-283-3787;

Noritz Residential  Combination Boiler

The Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB) allows for simultaneous residential domestic hot-water and space heating. The unit’s simultaneous capabilities are easy to control and especially beneficial for applications that do not store or deliver heat energy efficiently. Performing at a 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, the unit is EPA Energy Star certified. Its 316L copper primary and secondary heat exchangers have high corrosion resistance, and the unit can adjust to either PP or CPVC venting without the installer needing to make any programming changes. The venting can also easily be reconfigured to use room air. 714-433-2905;

Raypak – A Rheem Co. XVers L

The XVers L hydronic boiler from Raypak – A Rheem Co. is designed to automatically read and adjust temperatures to ensure that the environment remains controlled and comfortable. It has fire-tube heat exchanger technology and VERSA IC Intelligence, along with advanced features such as a VERSA IC Intelligence touch screen, Raymote mobile access, compact size and instant visibility of heater status, stainless steel Fire-Tube heat exchanger technology, up to 98% efficiency and an Energy Star listing. It is available in sizes from 399 to 850 MBtu/h. 805-278-5300;


Oatey MODA Supply  Box Systems

Available in standard, fire-rated and gas models, MODA Supply Box Systems from Oatey are made of durable PVC, so that plumbing-supply connections can be made PVC to PVC. The box itself can be mounted with a single screw to a behind-the-wall stud and set flush with the wall. Thanks to the two-piece design of the plumbing valve, no drywall needs to be cut during servicing. It makes supply box installation fast and easy with multiple mounting configurations and fitting options, as well as a sleek, compact design and the option for use as a condensation drain. Residential and commercial plumbers save time and frustration on supply box installations by having a single-box solution for washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, kitchens and air admittance valves. 800-203-1155;


nVent CADDY Telescoping Plumbing Prefab Bracket

The nVent CADDY Telescoping Plumbing Prefab Bracket is an in-wall support solution for supply and waste lines. Brackets come out-of-the-box ready to install and allow for the easy creation of in-wall assemblies without the need for jigs, fixtures and brazing. It includes an integrated telescoping bracket that provides rigid support for 16- to 24-inch stud spacing and allows the lines to be positioned anywhere within the stud cavity. This allows for the mounting of pipe in all vertical or horizontal orientations, and can accommodate multiple sizes of supply and waste lines via its modular design. The quick install hose clamp can accommodate up to 4 1/2-inch waste lines, pipe clamps can secure 1/2- to 3/4-inch supply lines, and bracket markings allow for easy identification of supply line offset. 440-528-3316;

Webstone, a brand of NIBCO, Press × PEX

Press × PEX transition products from Webstone, a brand of NIBCO include transition tees in PEX × PEX × press and press × press × PEX configurations. Sizing options range from 1/2 to 2 inches, including bull head and reducing branches. Press × PEX transition unions are also now available in 1/2- and 1-inch sizes. All products are made from lead-free dezincification resistant brass construction and are compatible with popular press tools. 800-255-9529;

Hydronic Heating

Taco Comfort Solutions 0034e and 0034ePlus

Taco Comfort Solutions 0034e and 0034ePlus easy-to-use, ECM high-efficiency circulators offer a maximum of 34 feet of head and 50 gpm, with up to 85% energy savings over a conventional circulator. They are available with cast iron or NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified stainless steel volutes, so they are suitable for closed-loop heating systems as well as domestic hot-water recirculation systems. Both circulators also offer a convenient, rotatable control box cover for a professional look, no matter the orientation of the installed circulator. The 0034e hs an easy-to-use dial with five operating modes, including constant pressure, fixed speed, activeADAPT self-adjusting proportional pressure, and 0-10-volt capability. The 0034ePlus adds proportional pressure and more constant pressure settings, as well as a digital display with real-time feedback, including watts, gallons per minute, feet of head and rotations per minute. 401-942-8000;


Asahi/America  Asahitec PP-RCT

Asahitec PP-RCT piping systems for plumbing and HVAC applications from Asahi/America are comprised of two systems: Climatec for hydronic heating applications and Watertec for potable water. Pipe in both systems is manufactured with Fibercore technology, which minimizes expansion and contraction by up to 75%, in turn reducing installation costs by minimizing expansion loops and supports. Fibercore PP-RCT pipe consists of three coextruded layers that make one homogenous pipe. The middle layer is a mix of short fiberglass strands and PP-RCT, which is isolated by an inner and outer layer of solid PP-RCT. The systems include both molded socket fusion fittings and molded butt fusion fittings, as well as molded large-diameter fittings up to 630 mm. They are NSF 14-pw certified for potable water applications and have lead-free brass adapter fittings. 800-343-3618;


Flomatic Valves Model  Cycle Gard IV C152SST

The Model Cycle Gard IV CB152SST from Flomatic Valves is a stainless steel, direct-acting, constant-pressure pump control valve with tappings. The body is equipped with 1-inch NPT-size female inlet threads and 1-inch NPT union end female outlet connection. The valve’s standard pressure range is 15 to 75 psi with an optional 15 to 150 psi range. The valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 psi. All of the valve’s internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life. It maintains a preset operating pressure, reduces rapid pump cycling and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. 800-833-2040;

Viega ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve

Viega’s ProPress Automatic Recirculation Balancing Valve ensures balanced domestic water recirculation by changing with varying conditions. It keeps water temperatures more uniform by adjusting flow with changes in temperature. The results are faster hot water delivery, minimized waste energy and water and less stagnation and chance of contamination. Temperature can be set once and be maintained automatically. Settings can be changed easily, if needed. It can be installed on risers or branches. Remote monitoring is possible with a temperature sensor. An optional thermometer provides visual indication of valve setting. Threaded ends allow use with ProPress or PureFlow fittings systems. It includes a bypass for thermal disinfection. 800-976-9819;  


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